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Need Colorado Info Fast!

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Our scout troop had a reservation for a condo in Frisco over New Years fall through, and now we are short on time to get another rental. We have expanded our search to include outlying towns of Dillon, Wildernest, Avon and Minturn, but we are behind as I have not been actively looking.

In our earlier search, we looked at Breckenridge, Frisco and Silverthorne as I have stayed in those places before and knew them well. But some of the outlying areas I don't know that much about. What I'm curious about is :

Shuttle service in these areas
Nearby grocery stores and gas stations
road maintenance - do they get plowed early if there is a dump, or are they last on the list?

Or if any of you know of a condo that can sleep 9 (one or two on the floor if need be), has 3 bathrooms and rents for under 350 a night, let me know

Thanks for the help!
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Hi jhstroup, Dillon is next to Silverthorne, really most think it is all the same town. Wildernest is an area in Silverthorne not a town. It is prettier than most of Silverthorne, Dillon and Silverthorne are both in Summit County and make for a good central location if you are skiing Summit ( A-Basin, Breck, Copper, Keystone ) Avon is a the bottom of Beaver Creek, good for skiing Beaver Creek and Vail. Minturn is between Beaver Creek and Avon again good for skiing both.

All of these places have very good road service and services such as grocery stores. For summit county the shuttle runs pretty much everywhere though it can take a long time if you need to change buses. Frisco is probably best for transportation in Summit County

For ease of transportation for Beaver Creek /Vail Avon would be best, I think. I do not use the buses so cannot say for sure.

Have you bought lift tickets already? That would make a difference between staying in Summit or in Eagle counties.

You are right that allot of condos are already booked but try and , you can post condos needed at craiglists for free as well. years ago we stayed here is was great for a large group if it is available.
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Jhstroup--Have you considered something like The Alpen Hutte in Silverthorne? It's not a condo, and there might be a few others there, but it would be reasonably priced lodging for your whole group, on the local free bus route. Just a thought!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Also check out in Frisco. The bus stops right in front of it.
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