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You might add Boise to the list. It's not a ski mecca but it is a thriving business community, which may provide employment opportunities in keeping with your degree. There is decent skiing nearby at Bogus Basin and it is affordable. A season pass is $249. There are several more ski areas within a couple hours drive too. Lots of other outdoor activities nearby (rafting, biking, etc.). Cost of living has been rising but not out of line with most places.

The arid climate and desert landscape appeal to some but certainly not all. It's a plus to be politically conservative out here (or at least not put off by being around people who are).
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Uh, maybe I missed something. Besides skiing, what do you want to do? What are you qualified for or interested in workwise? As others have pointed out, if is is only about skiing, why not just pick the best ski town, period. Get a ski town type job and have fun? If you need more, I imagine that'll come into play in making your choice.
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I'm thinking the best places on my list might be bozeman and SLC. I graduated from a Technological School with a 4yr Bachelor Business in Science so a place where technology is thriving is important and is where I will most likely be a success.

So glad people are interested in this topic.

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If finding full-time employment in your field is what you want, Bozeman is going to be a tough market. It's pretty small and there will be lots of competition with the grads of MSU.

Don't get me wrong, Bozeman is a great place but the great places in Montana are full of people who are under employed.
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Thanks for the tips. Been finding a lot in SLC lately. What a pain in the ass!

Please tell me the first one is the hardest !
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The employment scene in the Great North Left isn't very good. We have been leading the nation in the jobless rate for a while... but if you can hang, it's just the place. We picked Portland or at least to have it nearby. I am an hour and ten commute to downtown, an hour to PDX, 40 minuites to the parking lot at Mt Hood Meadows, 5 minutes to Swell City & The Hatchery (windsurfing/kiteboarding), have about a dozen 20 to 50 mile out and back road cycling routes from my garage door and miles of single track/fire road mtn biking within a 10 to 20 minute ride house to trailhead.

Like I said - if you can get over the employment scene and find a way to hang here - the Gorge is just the spot!

Oh yeah - when you get tired of Mt Hood, we are an 8 hour drive south of Red Mountain, takes 10 to 12 to Fernie. You can tie Red, Whitewater, Big Mountain, Fernie and Schweitzer into a 1600 mile road trip ... Then of course there is Bachelor about 2.5 hours south, and Crystal, Baker, et al a few hours north. You do have Gore Tex ? Yes ? ... Operations Manager or Skier / Biker / Wind Surfer / Barrista ... hmmmm
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So jealous of you as I'm an avid windsurfer as well. I had my taste of the gorge last year in August and had a blast. I actually was just looking at a job in The Dalles, but my fiance would have trouble I think (but you never know, she's a college grad too).

Thanks for the tempting info.
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Finding the first job is indeed the hardest. Good luck to you.

SLC is a good choice. I spent five years there in the mid 80s. Lot's of wonderful memories... It's a place where you can earn a good living and experience some epic skiing too.

Personally, I never had a problem with the Mormon influence. There are plenty of interesting outdoor oriented nonMormons to hang around with.
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If I were you, I would seriously consider Seattle, WA. Not Bellingham. Seattle is great for the skiers. It's only 45 minutes to an hour away from Alpental (and 3 other ski areas). Alpental rocks, it only has 4 chairs (2 that you'll ever use), but the top chair will take you to some of the greatest skiing, with a huge back country area, that easily compares to any of the steeps that other mountains have to offer (from Mammoth to Breck, to A-Basin). It's that good.

And that's the close place, then there's Steven's Pass (about 1.5 hours from Seattle), which is big and offers great steeps, trees, and lots of terrain to avoid the crowds. Or Crystal, which is about a 1.5 to 2 hours away.

Seattle is awesome, I moved here after graduating from UC Santa Barbara. There is too much to do hear, sailing, camping in the desert, Cascades, the Olympic Peninsula, the San Juan Islands. Seattle is a great city, I love it. Been here for 7 years and don't ever see myself moving away.

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I lived in Spokane for 25 years. I rather liked it. Just don't live in town.

You have a choice of mountains within a 90 minute drive, and you can live in the outskirts of Spokane very nicely. Going to one town, like Jackson Hole, you ski............Jackson Hole......and that's it.

Live near Spokane, ski Schweitzer, Red, 49 Degrees North, Silver (shh....best kept secret), and Mt. Spokane is a mere half hour from town. It's cheap and has some good stuff. You're never bored with the choices there.

For a couple hours plus driving you can ski Crystal, Baker, Mission Ridge, etc in the Cascades. Weekends at Bachelor or Mt. Hood.
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Originally Posted by lifer

Personally, I never had a problem with the Mormon influence. There are plenty of interesting outdoor oriented nonMormons to hang around with.
But be VERY careful. You may find yourself skiing off Gunsight at Alta (or, for that matter, mountain biking Amasa Back, fly-fishing a nice hole on the upper Provo, or even top-roping a route on Logan Canyon's China Wall) with an interesting, outdoor-oriented MORMON.

They have been known to escape into the outdoors on occasion. But never on Sunday.
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