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Ski package deals

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Every year I hear about people who ski in Europe on these awesome deals that include everything for 500$ or something ridiculous like that. Any info on reliable websites that would be useful?
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but don't expect $500 dollar deals. that's unrealistic. realistically - you can expect to pay at least $1000 for reasonable trip.
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I can't name any specific sites but every Sunday in our Travel section, there are week long trips to places in Euroue (usually Italy or Austria) for about $800 from LAX.
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Take a peek at this site. They list reasonable packages plus have great info on European ski information (see their home page). http://www.ski-europe.com/superski/search.php

Good Luck!
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Yeah, $500 might be though especially with the current exchange rate which is not very favorable to americans going over to Europe at the moment.
We did the 3 Vallees last year and this is roughly what we paid we person:
$350 US-France flight
170 Euros/week lodging in luxury chalet off-season in les Menuires (second week in January)
220 Euros weekly ski pass to the 3 Vallees
And it was worth every penny. The Alpes are unlike any other mountain and the food & service was amazing. If you can afford the trip, don't even second guess it.
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