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A captain and co-pilot passed through the passenger gate waiting area wearing dark glasses, and with white canes tapped their way down the jet way and into the cockpit. Needless to say, this made the passengers more than a little nervous.
Soon the airplane was loaded, the door closed and the plane was pushed back from the gate. The engines were started and the plane began to slowly zigzag its way toward the runway.* Finally it aligned itself and began to speed down the runway getting faster and faster...the anxiety level of the passengers growing...
Then, when it looked as though the plane was going off the end of the runway and into a nearby lake, suddenly they all screamed.* It was then that the plane slowly lifted its nose and became airborne.
There was a great sigh of relief back in the cabin.** But in the cockpit the co-pilot says to the captain, "One day they are going to scream too late and we are all going to die!"