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Getting Back In - Need New (used) Skis

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I have pretty much been out of skiing for the last couple years (2-3 days a year) and I am looking to a new set of skis. After having spent 7 years in Utah for school, I have now moved to Seattle for work and my old set doesn't work as well out hear. My current set of skis is a pair of 193 Volant Machete Hucksters (not sure what year) with Salomon S900 bindings. I am 6'2", 190lbs. These skis are awesone and they worked great in th soft pow of Utah, but they are a little heavy for the wet stuff out here.

I am thinking of picking up something a little shorter (180-185cm) with a ssmaller waist (Volant has 93mm waist), but I am not sure what to buy. I do not have a ton of money (~$300) to spend so I am looking for something used that would be a good all-mountain mid fat ski. I have heard good things about the Head Monster 85, Volkl G4 and Fischer Big Stix. Would I notice much of a difference by switching to these skis? Which one would be best? Is there much difference between an 85mm waist and the 93mm waist I am currently on?

Any help would be appreciated.
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First off I would say you will notice a big difference. There is only one ski brand that begins with the letter V, hint, it isn't Volant. The Volkl would be a good choice. You may be able to find some if you PM, Inspector Gadget. He has helped me out in the past.

BTW welcome to Epic.
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Mid Fat Skis

I have found many demo skis on E-bay for less than $300. Last year was dedicated to trying out mid-fats and I found that the Rossignol Bandit B2s were by far the smoothest, quietest, and most versatile mid-fat ski I tried. The previous years' XX skis had a reputation for being unrepairable if the edge ripped away and it did rip away. The Solomon Xscreams were the same. I loved the way they rode, but they were known to be unreliable. The Rossi B1s are a little stiffer and slightly narrower.

I am an Atomic fan and tried the Atomic Mid-fats the same day I tried the B2s. I swapped with my friend and we both agreed that the B2s were way better. The wood cores of the Atomics were noisy and unforgiving, and they weren't that much better at higher speeds. They were horrible in the moguls. The B2s were quicker edge-to-edge and had a better turning radius. They will help you to advance quickly and leave you smiling with satisfaction at the end of the day. There's a reason that you can't find used B2s very often.

Volkls tend to be a little harsh; at least the pair I tried was. I felt like someone beat the heck out of my legs a couple of hours into the day. They are for people who attack the mountain with a vengeance.

Hint: You do not need as long of skis with the new shaped skis. The recommended length for intermediate - advanced is nose to eyeballs. Expert skiers may want them a little longer for speed, but if you are accustomed to 195cm, you will probably want 170-176cm skis in the mid-fats. I would recommend that you rent a few before buying.
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Fischer makes really good skis and so do most others. Mt. Pilchuck Sports in Everett WA., is having a sale right now with some really good deals on new, unused last year's models and last season's demos.

They carry Atomic, Dynastar, Fischer, Line, K2, Salomon, Volant and Voekl.That is more brands than most shops and their staff is very knowledgable as well as friendly. I would check them out.
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