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...had so many friends He couldn't get no wire strung

Ever read Tony Hillerman?

Well, I was re-reading one of his books yesterday and "stumbled" upon this short essay, which strung me as a nice joke.

here it is, if I'm breaking any copyright, please AC/DC remove it:

The young matron who went to "BarnardCollege and Read a Book Once"

is explaining to the Valencia County Wool Grower and me about Navajo mythology

“Snake was one of the Holy People who came up to the Earth Surface World with First Man and First Woman,” she tells us, “which is why Navajos won’t kill snakes”

Valencia County Wool Grower stops poking at the olive in his martini glass.

“One time” he says, ”I got Old Man Madman to get some of his son-in-law and build

some fence for me over there by Redondo Mesa.

I warned him about all those rattlesnakes out there in the malpais, and he says

‘dats all right. Snakes are friends of de Navajo.’

So the next day I haul some wire out there and there’s dead snakes laying all over that lava rock.

So I say ‘Hosteen Madman, how come you told me rattlesnakes and Navajos are friends?’ and he kinda grins and he says,’We frens, but we had so goddam many frens around here we couldn’t get no wire strung.’”


"The Great Taos Bank Robbery, and other Indian country affairs" (isbn 0-06-101173-8)

"The Navajo who had so many friends he couldn't get no wire strung"

Tony Hillerman, harper’s books

Note to AC/DC, I tried to contact the author for permission, but the e-mail I sent was returned with "dest unknown", if you feel that this post is infringing
the author's (or the editor) rights, please remove it...