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Dynastar has a problem

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As you may or may not know I got a set of Dynastar Legend 8000s a couple of months ago, and have since had a chance to ski them in every type of condition imaginable, from bulletproof ice to waist deep powder, and I have come to the conclusion that I freakin' love these skis. However in this age of planned obsolescence I really don't know where Dynastar go when they want to retire the Legend 8000. Sure they need to change the graphics because they look far too much like the Atomic rental skis from a couple of years back, these skis deserve a look which shows they are really something special. But other than than that there is nothing that I would want to change about them.

All the previous skis have owned or demoed were good for certain things, but I always had this voice in the back of my head saying you want something fatter, lighter, easier to turn, smoother, more versatile. I know over the years many of you have had skis which you thought were simply fantastic and could not be improved upon, but this is the first such set I have had since I first started getting an understanding of how skis work, and I am just so stoked with them.

Sure there are better specialist skis out there for one type of turn or one type of snow, but in terms of a do it all ski I haven't found anything which beats it. I used to have a 2 ski quiver (4x4 Powertrac and flame tip Big) , officially I have a 3 ski quiver now, but the only skis I find myself using are the Legends. In terms of width I think Dynastar have found a sweet spot at a 79mm waist, it is wide enough to float in pow, but narrow enough to rail on groomers, and the flex and dampening complement the physical dimensions nicely.

Don't get me wrong, I know one day I will find a set of skis which I will like even better, and I do look forward to that day because they will be the most versatile, stable, mind reading skis you could imagine, and I will rush out and buy a set. But until then I am having a blast tearing over every inch of our mountains, am looking forward to a couple of months of spring skiing and going to France at the start of next year to check out their mountains.

Sorry if you are sick of hearing this, this will be the last thread I start on this. But I really do love these skis.
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I suppose that you will now learn to speak and write French, so that you can complain properly.
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jeez, you scared me there for a minute with that thread title...
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