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Atomic Dimensions?

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Hello all, i just bought these skis on ebay...

Does anyone know how wide of a binding I need to fit these skis?

Do you think an atomic cr412 74mm binding would be good?
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As far as I know, in recent years there has never been a "wide" or "narrow" binding. They all fit. Some skis have plates that only accept a certain type of binding (to monopolize the binding options and make more money), but that's about the only restraint.

Any Atomic binding should work on that ski. The 412 is probably one of the better choices. I have a set of Race 412s (similar) on one of my pairs of skis and they are quite nice.
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Bindings don't have a width, but brakes do.

You should probably check the Atomic website, but I think those might be a tad over 74 mm underfoot. I haven't tried to shove Atomic bindings onto wider skis, so I don't know if you can bend the brake arms a little to fit a slightly too-big ski.
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The waist on the Tweak is 70mm in 163 or 178. Your bindings should work fine.
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The Atomic website seems to list the Tweak at 78 mm, but you (ratherbskiing, that is) should check yourself to make sure I didn't completely misread it or something.
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Those tweaks are 03 models.

They have a 70 waist like Leeroy said.
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78mm looks correct. And it is the brakes not the binding you need wide.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
Those tweaks are 03 models.

They have a 70 waist like Leeroy said.
Agreed, they look like the 02/03 model which I believe had dimensions 107/70/97. Should be able to fit any binding (and brakes) to them.
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Tweak 02/03 are grey with orange graphics , 163cm goe tip to tail
103-70-94 and the 178cm goe 106-70-97.
Tweak 03/04 are blue with red graphics and they came in three lengths ,163cm tip to tail are 106-78-100 , 172cm are 108-78-102 and the 181cm are 110-78-104.
Tweak 04/05 are unchanged.
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