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Lake Louise in November

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I see that Louise is supposed to open November 6. Does anybody have any predictions about the conditions then? Realistically, how soon can we be skiing there?
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Lake Louise--Snow Making

Lake Louise has snow making capability on 40% of the mountain (front side mostly I believe) so unless we have a really really unseasonably warm October/November, they can usually open early on.

I was up hiking across the valley from the resort today and I can tell you that there is no snow whatsoever currently on the front side. There was a dusting at around the 10,000 ft mark on the surrounding peaks but the colours at the resort were still green and gold (the alpine larches were spectacular--the main reason I was up on top of a mountain).

The good news is that there is snow in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday this week (even in Calgary 100 miles downhill)! I just tried to check the forecast but explorer is misbehaving and I risk losing this message so you'll just have to trust me ;-)
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Weather Report Update

Well it looks like they've already changed the forecast to rain. Go figure--particularly as they're still talking about a low of -4 to -6 Celsius on Wednesday/Thursday. Unfortunately it looks like we won't be going down below freezing much any other time for the next ten days, so we'd better keep out the hiking boots.
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The hill will be open, it really doesn't ever miss. However, some years it's just a couple of cat widths on the long beginner run. Not a bad way to get the skis under you but maybe not worth a big expense or travel. Last year there was tons of snow and rippin' skiing from early on. This year they are talking mild el nino and sadly that usually means a late start. As well when we get a long stretch on cold wet that we've had so far this fall that often means a long dry stretch of warm weather when we'd be hoping for the snow to come.
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