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Dynastar Trouble Maker's

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Anyone know anything about the Dynastar Trouble Maker ski's. I am in the market for new ski's for my 12 YO son. He is a high intermediate skier that races a bit but spends most of the time jumping anything and playing in the snowparks. These ski's are on Ebay for $99.00. The price is enticing as he tends to blow through the size annually. I want to get him something could but need to keep that last statement in mind.

Please sound in with your thoughts.


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For what I've heard (I haven't personally skied them), they are excellent skis for jumping, and are a great all mountain ski (for a twin tip park ski). However, I have heard that their durability becomes an issue when it comes to doing rails (blown or cracked edges). Personally, I am considering them for myself, but I'm going to use them for bump and tree skiing, and for some jumping.
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Thanks Mack. At $99 I am willing to take the chance. Worst case I have to spend another $99 mid season.
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Very good '"freestyle" ski - park/pipe. Lively there, but i think you'll find them too soft flexing for a good "all mountain" ski. Hard pack will not be their forte.
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not at all. I thought the same when i first got them, but you just got to make sure you dont over edge them - ski them "lightly" and they are fine all mountain. Skied them on nastar and in skiercross for a bit of fun and they are fine, park they are very sweet, even on a foot of fresh CO pow when my fats were in the shop and they were managable in that too.

so for a jnr skier of 12yo, there should be no problems with any of that. and for $99.....
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Hey, Hidden Valley
I am a 54 yr old, upper intermediate skier and I love my 175 Troublemakers. I use it as my light duty all-mountain ski - not much edge grip on icy stuff but a fun ride everywhere else on the mountain. I would recommend the Troublemaker as a light-duty jumper. One thing to watch out for - the $99.00 ski on Ebay is the "Team" model and is more of a junior ski. This could be a problem if your 12 yr old is on the hefty side (like my son). Given that the Troublemaker is already on the light side, the Team version could be a real noddle. Compare it to the Salomon 1080 "Grom" which had nowhere near the beef of the standard 1080. This isn't always the case however. My son skied the Rossi Bandit Junior in 160 cm for two seasons and loved the carve produced by the stiff tail. Good luck!
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