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lodging at Hunter

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I was considering planning an early season (mid-Dec) trip to Hunter and was wondering about their slopeside condos. Their website has some pics and info on them but nothing about prices. I was wondering if anyone had stayed at them, what they thought of them and how much they cost - thanks.
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I've never stayed at one, but you can always called them for pricing: 800-HunterMtn...
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I saw that number but I was looking for anyone who had stayed at those condos and what they thought of them... thanks for the help regardless.
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I've stayed in them in during the off season before (beer festival and fall leaf season). Overall, the funiture is not luxurious but it's more than adequate...don't expect granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, like you might find at some true luxury resorts. However, all the amenities you need are there, the kitchen had everything I needed, and I really enjoyed the gas fireplace. Now comparing the two units I've stayed in, I can say that they were not exactly the same. One seemed to be newer than the other. And in the picture on their website, it looks like they have leather couches, but I recall them being cloth. Other than that, the pictures a good representation of what you can expect. I hope that helps.
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I usually do Huntah on a day trip.
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I was currently thinking of the Belleayre Hostel as the point ofr an overnight trip to the Catskills (Hunter + Belleayre, 1 day each). Any more word about demo opportunities at Hunter?
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