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binding for P40 F1 (new topic)

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I'd like to ask, what would be the right binding for Volkl P40 F1 EnergYrail (green w/plate)? It should be binding with DIN up to 14. The height of the ski and integrated plate is 35mm.

My candidates are:
Salomon S914 Fis (20mm height)
Tyrolia Free Flex Plus 10 (21mm)
Look P9.0 (P14) Racing (?mm)
Marker COMP 1400 EPS (19mm)
Marker COMP 1400 Free (23mm)
(BTW, can someone explain me the difference between those 2 Marker models, EPS and Free?)

I heard there is a special edition of Marker binding for P40 line with "P40 Racing" logo on it. What is the model?

And another question. In my local shop I saw a kind of screw in the middle of Tyrolia FFP plate and the guy said it could be a problem to mount this Tyrolia binding on the plate. When I asked why, he said there should be a space on the plate (??) for this screw.

Thanks for advices,
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I ski on the energYrail from this past season (black and green with the plate). I use the Marker MRR Titanium (max din 12 i think). Try digging up a pair of the Marker MRR Race binding as the din will probably go up to 14...go with the SC because it will have less lift compared to the EC. You'll save big $$ with this binding.

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DIN shouldn't really have anything to do with what ski you choose. Choose a binding on your level of weight and performance not the skis.

If you are an aggressive skier, I would look for a higher DIN on the Salomon and Look bindings. I find they pre release easier. I've been skiing on Tyrolia and Marker lately and I find that I can ski a much lower DIN and not pre release.

For hight you only have to be careful if you have bad knees. Last year I skied the P40 F1 with the energy-rail plate and the EPS 14(both 14mm each ie 28mm combined withouth the ski), and I had no problems. The skis felt great.
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Since Marker is now coming on those intergrated binding ski combos from Volkl mite as well go with Marker. Spend the big bucks and get the Titanium 1300 Piston Control bindings, then you can let us all no if they make much of a differnce with the piston thing.
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