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Atomic Dave Murray Ski Camp

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Anyone done the Dave Murray ski camp @ whistler? I was wondering about the kind and quality of instruction.
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i have done it twice and had a great time on both occasions. The instructors tend to be ex racers or race coaches who have worked with National teams, so the standard in my experience was very high. They do make you work on your skiing but I came out a better skier than I went in (in my opinion anyway) and had a great time as well. There is some good social stuff at the end of the day and they do the "first Tracks" breakfast on the Tuesday when you get up the mountain at 7.15 which is worth doing
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Is their focus on racing? I want something that is more extensive than the regular ski instruction programs that they have at Whistler, but I'm not a racer.
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This is entirely second-hand, but at least it's in agreement with the first-hand information above:

A friend of my father's did it some years ago. He's an older guy, but quite athletic, a good skier, but never was and never will be a racer. He liked the program quite a bit.
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I've done Michel Pratte's summer camps at Whistler, pretty much next to the Dave Murray camps- similar format. The ones I saw were definitely race camps, but that shouldn't deter you. We had a few never-evers at our camp that learned a lot. In fact, that first camp is when you make the most progress in a short amount of time.

They might also offer free-skiing camps, and if they run them like a race camp there will be drills and progressions that will pretty much ensure success. A one-week, intensive camp on any style will definitely improve your skiing, so go for it.
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I've done the camp 3 times.

It's definitely not a race camp. They do some gates, and a lot of freeskiing, but a lot depends on the weather. Lots of snow==lots up time up high.

You spend one day of three lapping the Whistler race training area doing gates there. The coach I had was more technical (and more critical of my skiing) than any other lesson or group I've done at Whistler.
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As skieast said it is not a race camp, but a camp where you do some racing (or what I, who has never been a racer, think is race type training). The coaches, in my own experience, have a racing background, but they are not looking to turn out racers at the end of the course, rather better skiers by using techniques and movements which may come from racing. You do a lot of free skiing and some gates which actually do help you come on in your skiing. It is weather dependent, the first time I did it there were some delayed "real races" and they took priority on the racetrack, plus the reason they were delayed was too much new snow, so we were off the racetrack and up high free skiing in the Alpine. The only gates we did were in the end of camp fun race, which, no doubt, is why we were awful ! They do video of that where you can see just how bad you are, you may think that you are coming down that course at full pelt like someone off the TV, but the video does not lie!! Slow and somewhat arthritic in movement would fairly describe my attempt. As long as everyone approaches that in good spirit it is usually a hoot. Another thing from my experience is that they are critical, but constructively so, to show you where you are doing it wrong and to help you get it right.They will not massage your ego and let you continue doing it your (wrong) way all the while telling you that you are doing great, if they can make you a better skier by showing you where you go wrong then they will. My two experiences have been uniformly positive, which I believe was reflected by the others in my group, at least that was what they said in the bar afterwards! If you go into it willing to learn and to accept that to do that you may have to change or junk an amount of what you have been previously doing, you should get on ok. On both occasions I had the pleasure of skiing in groups of similar ability but differing ages and backgrounds, from various places, though mainly US/UK/Canada, which made the experience a pleasure in itself
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