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Rossignol’s ONE by Bode Miller

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I have always rented ski equipment from Ski Stop in LI NY. Pretty decent equipment, though I finally managed to hold onto enough dough after the holidays to by my own setup. I was leaning towards some bandits but one of the guys at Ski Stop recommended these...Does anyone have any opinions. I ski the northeast from hunter to pocanos to Vt. This year Im headed to smugglers notch. Im usually in it all from glades to moguls.

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Before every one else says it, I will. Demo, demo, demo. If youare going to Smuggler's Notch, check out the Ski Magazine Demo center while you are there. Your home shop will probably give you a discount on skis that you demo while youu are up there. The Bode One is a hopped up version of the Rossi RPM 100, so be sure to give that one a try, it will give you a feel of what the One will be like.
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Hi cichild, welcome to EpicSki!

I'll give you my opinion as a long time Long Island gear junkie myself: Be VERY VERY careful about taking ANY equipment recommendations from salesmen at Ski Stop. I have been there dozens of times and have heard some of the worst advice you could ask for given to people.

I have met a few guys who know what they're talking about, but more times than not, I end up telling them about their equipment because most of them are inexperienced kids who ski 5 days a year and have never even tried the stuff they're selling. I also know for a fact that they tell their employees to push certain models because of inventory reasons.

I once watched the guy at the goggle counter try to sell some poor guy a pair of goggles with clear lenses after the guy asked what the best all-around lens was for skiing. I grabbed the poor guy on the side afterward and straightened him out.

Ski Stop is fine for soft goods. I often go there to buy socks, and thermals. But some of their so called sale pricing tickets have misleading over-inflated "compare at" prices which lead you to think you're getting a better deal than you really are.

Let's face it, most of our fellow Long Island skiers haven't got a clue and they flock to this big, conveniently located, well stocked warehouse where a guy stands on top of a table with a microphone whipping buyers into a frenzy as they throw cheap $15 goggles at a crowd of gapers during one of their special "Private Sale" days (ha ha).

So, as you'll hear over and over here, DEMO. If you don't want to demo, ask for advice at a shop near a major ski resort. These guys ski more and know a lot more than the guys on Long Island.

If you must ask for advice on the Island, the best place is probably Sno Haus in either Levitiown or Huntington. If you live out east, Snow Shed in Port Jeff is also a much better place than Ski Stop. Nice people, who won't steer you wrong and also do a nice job tuning up your gear compared to a lot of others. Sundown in Lake Grove is also good.

Sorry Ski Stop fans, [img]tongue.gif[/img] and good luck cichild. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
p.s. I know this was a bit of an off topic rant, and no help on the BODE ONE's, so I apologize for that, but I haven't skied them. Sure do look nice though.

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hehe...I worked at ski stop a long time ago. went back this year when I was back in town. Things haven't changed a bit.

"The more you spend, the more you save!!", what a riot

Carvemeister is absolutely correct, the only way to find the right ski for you is to demo.

After a week in steamboat I have become a huge fan of the Volkl Supersport 5. Which is a ski my local shop origionally tried to turn me away from.
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for what it's worth the one is an RPM 90 not a hopped up RPM 100
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Don't ya' love it when somebody asks for advice, then never bothers to check back in? :

Well, we'll just have fun talking amongst ourselves, as always.
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