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Elan 666 and AT Bindings

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What do people think about mounting some AT bindings like the Naxo on some 666's? I'm after a go everywhere ski in the resort which i can take on short backcountry day trips occasionally.
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Judging by the techsupportforskiers.com review, seems like a great ski, and based on my personal experience, a 76mm waist would be a reasonable choice for a lift-served setup that does double-duty for the backcountry.
I have lots of (positive) experience in using various versions of Fritschi Diamirs for lift-served and backcountry skiing; the Naxo is said to be a bit less awkward than the Diamir when skinning in alpine downhill boots (which is what you're presumably contemplating). But be sure to get this year's version - see wildsnow.com for details on how to tell which is which.
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