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4 skis reviewed...

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Last night we got to demo a few skis at Milton Keynes.
And here's my review...

Salomon StreetRacer 10
Well, what can I say? Salomon have finally created an on-piste version of the Pocket Rocket. Let me put it like this: I like skis that pust a smile on my face, not send me to sleep. About the best thing I could say is that while I was on the skis, fast asleep but still making turns, I was able to dream that there would be better skis out there.
(Length 165)
Out of 10? I'll give them a 2, because they made me appreciate other skis.

Volkl Supersport 5 Star
I know many people rave about these skis. And I think I may have discovered why. They are very nice. My complaint was that the 175s were a bit long for the indoor slope. They really felt like they wanted to be opened up and let rip on something bigger and wider. A very competent ski.
6/10 They were good. Shorter skis on the slope might have been more fun. They made me smile a little.

Salomon Equipe 10 SC
One of the guys had described the StreetRacers as being a softer version of these. This concerned me, as I had high hopes for this ski. I'm happy to say, it lived up to my hopes. A nice, fast ski, great for short turns. I was smiling a lot on these. They're not the kind of performance I get out of my 3Vs, but they showed potential to be a fun ski.
(Length 165)
7/10. I enjyoed them marginally more than the 5 stars, but I think if the Volkls were shorter (or the piste bigger) the reults might have been the other way round.

and finally...
Head iXRC 1100 Sandwich
Wow. I loved these. I was smiling, and laughing. These babies rocked. Their performance was in a different league to the others. I just wanted to keep throwing them into turns to have them take me round the bend. If I could justify having a pair, I would have bought them last night. But, at about $1000, that's more than I would spend for skis that would sit beside my 3Vs . Of course, if I sold the 3Vs...
(Length 165)
10/10. The best ski of the night by a long way. I couldn't fault it.

Notes: I'm just under 6ft tall, and weigh around 180lb. I'd say I was an upper intermediate skier. My normal planks are 176 Salomon 3Vs and 179 Seth Pistols.
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Good reviews. I didn't know there was such a thing as an indoor ski slope. I hope that skiing isn't going to become a indoor sport?
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StreetRacer10 is one of the most boring skis I've ever skied.

Not reassuring in its level of grip, not fun to really work at, not fun to simply slide around on.

5 Star in 175 is just too big....168 is the sweet one for me. I'm 210lbs.
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Originally Posted by wizard
Good reviews. I didn't know there was such a thing as an indoor ski slope. I hope that skiing isn't going to become a indoor sport?
Are you kidding? We have five of them over here in Belgium!!
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Schussboelie, they don't have them in America yet!
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Damn, I totally wasn't aware of that.
We have two in Belgium that have 750ft long slopes and in The Netherlands and Germany they have some that are more than twice as long!

They aren't very much fun though.
They're OK to start skiing or boarding and have some good slalompractice facilities too for us lowlanders, especially given the hard artificial snow.
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Couldn't agree more with your assessment of the iXRC's. They are great skis. I tested them last year head to head with several others, but the Head iC 180s beat them out by a hair. You might still find a pair of new '04s for around $500 here in the states. I think they are the same ski, same graphics too.
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