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The long rumored replacement of Germania with a high speed quad from the bottom to the top is in progress. It's the new Collins lift. The original Collins is gone and "Germ" is layed out in all it's componets with crated machinery in the Albion parking lot- I heard that it was to be sold, but that fell through, so it has a "for sale by owner" sign on it- perhaps a joke. Any takers for Germ? Wildcat is still there but they did some bulldozing and brought both lifts down to the ticket office level, so there won't be that uphill scramble to warm up on anymore. I wonder where they stuck the bathrooms- they were out back on the uphill side....
This long awaited "improvement"- I guess we'll see- will open up all of West Rustler and Rustler Ridge to high speed top-to bottom lapping without having to use the back door cutoff or taking two slow lifts back up. It'll also make backside commutes a lot shorter- that rope tow+ two lift combo was looong-

This is probably a great thing but part of the magic of Alta has been knowing how to work the arcaine lift system for maximum secret powderage. Another nice thing it'll do- when the snows junk and it's high speed blue cruisers- Mambo and Main street will link up with The Meadow for one straight, sweet shot. It'll be an interesting season. Old man Alta just got a lot more user friendly.