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Season in banff

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Hi all, Im from the UK and Im new to this site and i was just wandering if there is anyone front banff on here. Im coming out to banff this winter and doing a ski instructors course for 12 weeks. Wot are the employment prospects like if I pass my level1 and 2 CASI course: also is there any rec hockey teams in the area because i dont know whether to bring my skates or not: . Ive been to banff before and i know that you have some quality teams out there, but im from the UK and therefore absolutely crap at hockey.
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It's CSIA and employment prospects are good albeit crap pay. You are going with the IA I take it. Lots of hockey so bring your skates. It will give you something other to do at night instead of blowing money and brain cells in the bar. Employment part time in the season is pretty good but not much until mid Dec.
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Cheers for the reply, i will not be out there until 5th jan and yes its with the international academy. The academy must be well recognised if you've heard of it. I'll make sure I bring my skates, gloves and helmet, cant fit anything else in the bag. See u in January mate, keep in touch


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