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Mounting Question: Salomon SL race plates

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I have just gotten the deal of the century on Salomon 3V's from last season, and my dad needs new skis. They are coming with the Slalom race plate ont hem already, and iw as curious what salomon bindings could be put onto this plate. He doesnt really need the DIN range of the FIS 914 binding, so is it possible to mount other salomon bindings on top of this plate??

Specifically: an s810 AXE+ (lots of lift) or any other AXE+ model... or if you can leave out the lifter on the axe+ binding and just mount the bindings. This looks like it could pose a problem because of those two little things that the brake lever comes down on...
Thanks for any help or possible solutions you may be able to give me. I'm trying to keep this as inexpensive as possible.
ps oh yeah we are getting 2 pairs so i have the pair of rock skis ive been looking for.
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Those skis are indeed a great deal -- I couldn't believe the price the rep offered at the pro session we had at a local shop.

From what I remember about the plate, any standard Solly binding will do as long as the screws are going directly through the binding and into the pre-mounted race plate (as opposed going through some binding lifter first). My guess is that you might have to obtain extra screws w/ the correct length from a shop, but otherwise it will work. But this is only based upon my memory of a casual inspection...
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Thanx, that what i though also. If the screw pattern is the same id ont see why it wouldnt work, but i wanted a second opinion before i spent the $$ on the axe lifters. Thats going to be a lot of lift!!!!
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Just to clarify, if you buy a binding with an integrated lifter, you're probably going to have to discard the lifter first, since the hole pattern for the integrated lifter to mount onto a ski probably won't match the pattern on the race ski's premounted lifter.

The other potential problem is that once you strip off the integrated binding lifter, you might need some little shim for the binding so that it will rest flat on the ski's premounted lifter. I know this is/was the case w/ certain Marker models: if you had the 12mm lifter, and wanted to make it less tall for mounting on top of a typical Deflex-like plate, you needed some 4mm shim-type mini lifter, plus different screws.

But then again, that was mainly b/c the Marker design had very long screws go straight through the binding and lifter and then into the ski, whereas Solly generally has one set of screws go through the binding and into the lifter, and then a separate set of screws goes through the lifter and into the ski.

Unfortunately, very few of my racers have been on Solly setups, so this is somewhat theoretical, but I think I've at least outlined all the relevant issues. The bottomline is that if the binding in question offer the right combo of DIN & $ for your father, then buy the binding and worry about the details later.
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You will need the Salomon thin lifer/adapter plate but that's no problem. If you just take them to a good shop they will be able to hook you up with the thin lifters and will most likely happily exchange them for the existing lifter's free of charge. I had my GS ski's done the same way as the 10mm lifter put me over the FIS limit. The only requirement is new screws but any good shop has so many screw around that they will trade straight across, your long screws for the shorter ones. Hope this helps.
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I dont really mind too much if i go over the FIS limit on this pair of skis. My intent was to mount the AXE + lifters and bindings on top of the existing slalom plate to put me at an amazing height for carving. In other words i want to keep the integrated race lifter, as well as having a lifted binding on top of them; the hole patten and foot print of the s914 axe and the s914 fis are the same as far as i know.

Im getting these for free skiing, but because i race, i wanted a ski that would hold in a course. My other race skis are at the FIS limit so these dont have to be. Are there any drawbacks to being that high off the ski??
Thanks for all the replies
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I don't think they will mount the axe+ with the plate. I tried to have something similar done a few weeks ago and they refused. The binding must be attached directly to the plate with no lifter between. Likewise, the screws must not go through the plate into the ski. I'm just clarifying again what Jonathon already stated. How tall is the Slalom plate anyway? If you mount the PE binding to it that is 32mm plus height of the plate. The Axe+ is 28mm (binding included). Let me know the specs on the plate, it is not published on Salomon site, is it?
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The plate with the FIS binding on it puts you right at 55mm.
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Why freeski something that you can't race? So. you rig up some 3V's w/ a dual plate stack, as if the one on the skis isn't beefy enough. I assume you got the 167, cause you're a bit shorter and they made alot of those. Set up some stacking thats right at the FIS limit you race at. That way, you can play around on last year's skis, and work on your tech, then have a super easy switch back into race mode. Last season, I raced a 3V for slalom and gs, just so I was completely comfortable on my equipment. I think it payed off. Stay as close to what you race wiht, so the extra lift doesn't fool ya.
Peace. and are you going to be in Breckenridge this week?
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