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GS Technique

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I was recently watching clips of world cup racers and i noticed that especially on steep sections, but also notably on flat ones, as they transitioned from one turn to the next they let their inside hand from the previous turn float back almost to their buts so that their upper bodies countered their lower bodies. It does seem as if they are doing this purposefully and the only theory I have as to why they do it is that it makes it easier from them to bring their skiis underneath them because they are moving their upper body away from their lower body. Has anyone else noticed this or have an explanation as to why they do this?
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I've watched this for awhile, and have not had an opportunity to ask about it. My conjecture is that it finishes off the old turn with a powerful squaring of the hip (almost rotating through) while winding up for the new powerful launch of the hips into the new turn. It's kind of like the old anticipation, but the hip movements are reversed from the old days to impart more power to the skis through strong squaring. It could also be preparing to move that hand forward, again for helping launch the hips forward into the next turn.

However, it is a spooky move, and when done to early or too much can cause a banking/rotation type of stance that will ultimately put the racer in the back seat. I just spent a month in New Zealand skiing with one of my sons. He really spent the whole time on tuning that move down, as he had been skiing with his inside hand right into his back pocket on that side. He solved it by developing a sense of strength on the "inside" half of the torso--not allowing the inward turning of the torso to accompany that hand movement.

What I notice very clearly, is those that drop that hand too far back rotate inward too much, and those that drive it too far forward tend to counter too much.

However all my thoughts here are just conjecture. But yeah, you're seeing what you're seeing.
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