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Avatars - AC/Dchan????

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I uploaded an avatar that I have been using on another web site, and enabled avatar viewing, but it doesn't seem to show up. Why :
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I know why!

Because I have that feature disabled in an effort to keep the signal to noise ratio high on EpicSki -- and avatars strike me as visual clutter.

Of course, if there was a popular uprising from the members, I would have to reconsider.
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AC, I agree totally. IMHO they are a waste of precious screen real estate, and suggest a tone that I can't quite put my finger on, but nevertheless dislike.

Tom / PM
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The tone I get from sites with avatars...I dunno, it's not universal, but it's more that the 'net is a diversion, entertainment, rather than a place for discussion and meaningful things. Mind you, I don't like those smiley face things, for similar reasons! People end up having "discussions" which seem to be a procession of various faces.
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This is really going to sound dumb. I know what an avatar is in non-computerese. What is an avatar and why would you use it on Epic-Ski?
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This is an Avatar from another chatline site. A small picture next to a chatters thread name.
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And, I'm not too keen on signature lines, either. Yeah, I know I have one. But they do get tiring. And they take up space.
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Go to TGR for all the nifty avatars you can handle.

I particularly like the one of the brunette who looks like she's having more fun than being on skis.
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I like this one:

But I agree with AC, they are distracting.
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Judging by most of the avatars I've seen, please keep them disabled. Far too many people seem to have an affection for displaying some grosteque distortion of their faces, or else you get the typical bonehead guy who's avatar is a picture of some hot chick - I don't know, somehow, I really don't see the point in that.
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Coming from an admin of a ski forum, I like avatars and most of our members have displayed tasteful ones; usually hiking or skiing pics of oneself. My feeling is it adds a bit more comraderie to a forum - something Epic already has. Sometimes I identify an author more by the avatar than by reading the author's username. By in actuality, it's just eye candy...
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I sort of agree with Greg (Alpine Zone), that it gives people a bit more personality on a pretty impersonal setting. However, I also agree that they could be abused and just take up bandwidth. When I try to access the site during lunch at work, with all of the firewalls they have, it is already pretty slow. I have the feeling that if they were turned on, I'd probably just look at them once in a while, to see what people are using, but then turn them off to speed things up and remove the clutter.

BTW, for those that complain that they wouldn't want to see them because of the excess clutter, even if AC enabled them, each person has the option to turn them off when you view the forums, by going to the User CP and unchecking a box.

My personal opinion would be to enable them, but set the view default to off. And if people want to use and/or view them, they can turn theirs on.
Thanks for the response AC.
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Now I understand. Thank you.

BTW, You wouldn't want me to use one.
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Well, I'll go ahead and chime in on this one too. Normally, I'm not a curmudgeon, no offense to anyone, but I tend to agree on excluding this silliness. Keep up the good work, and thanks once again.

Smiles, Dave
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Don't do it will only encourage the use of extremely offensive material as avatars; such as Ryan in his blue stretch pants or a Red Sox logo.
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you really miss them blue stretchies, don'tcha?

i could make a point of wearing them at kirk the day i pay off my bet debt.
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I miss my little skiing guy. Oh well.
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