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OK, I just have to give Atomic a plug here. My husband bought a pair of Atomics in Breckenridge in February 2002. Last season he lost the tail peice off one of the skis in Big Sky and the other in Park City. Just the edge of the tail, it really didn't effect his skiing very much. When we dug out skis last month to get ready for the season I took his skis to our local shop. They shipped them to Atomic for repair. Well...last night they called. Atomic is unable to repair the skis and has shipped a new pair of Metrons to replace them. We were stunned! His skis were well skiied on for two plus seasons and while not beat up were definately used a lot. I think this says a lot for Atomic. Our daughter is a junior racer that needs new skis every season, you can bet we'll consider Atomic first.
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What Metron model did they send?
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Atomic's warranty department is very good.
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wow.. that is good service... I haven't trashed my Atomics yet, but it's good to know that they back up their product.

Salomon is also good. They replaced a pair of PR's when they accidentally messed them up on a binding repair.
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I had a similar experience with Volkl a few years ago. The same year shaped skis were introduced (it's funny to remember what an oddity they were then), I purchased some P9's that by the beginning of the next season started delaminating. I was bummed because they were my first new skis in about 10 years. So I took them to the shop and a few days later Volkl replaced them with the newer P11 model. Nice.
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Volkl and Salomon both have excellent warranty departments.

Actually, in reality, probably 9/10ths of what is "warrantied" in the ski industry should really be called "replaced to build customer loyalty".
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for future reference ask your husband to not jam his tails into the snow in front of the lodge during lunch break.
as mentioned if the skis are not abused most companies will have the "happy customer" warranty
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You know, that's a good point. He would NEVER do that but I would be a little guilty!!!
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check out my atomics, if interested in getting some nice Beta 10.11's

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This is Racermom's husband. The old skis were 11.20's 190cm and they replaced them with Metron XI 172cm. I really liked the 11.20's but could have really skied them at about 180cm (6'2" 200# 35yrs skiing). The change down to 172 will be interesting. The XI seems like it will work well between the short Michigan hills and the many excursions West this winter. Any one skied them?

By the way, but for the occasional Big Sky granite, the 11.20's were treated well and tuned often - definite advantage when warranty is considered!
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I have the XIs in 162 and really like them.

They do not have the feel of the old 11.20s and R11s though.

They are less stiff and the tips are soft which helps in soft conditions but does not give it the rock hard hold of the older skis.

The sidecut radius is also way smaller which makes them easier for smaller to medium size turns that used to be alot of work on the R11s.

My factory tune was pretty crappy so I am excited to see how they ski with a proper tune.
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