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Fixing-Up Boots to Sell..?? (hopefully)

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The liners to my previous boot(Atomic Race 9-50) wore out, so I tried to insert another liner(thicker heeled: than the Atomics....of course;-)...so I thought I'd get cute and grind out a little material from both the heel pocket and achilles area... Well, that "other" liner just didn't fit, last year I bought a new Atomic liner...tried it and of course has this heel holdown/movement problem. Added a kludgy taping of material to the outside of the liners bought me a couple of lousy skiing days...and now I do want to try to somehow get that area filled in so that I can hopefully sell the boots(which everywhere else... are in great shape).

So this is what I'm considering to be my best move.....use epoxy to hold some dense material to the area(rear of heel pocket and achilles area...)
I still have a pretty good idea of where I ground off most of what I did......
If anyone has tried this...please throw in any experiences/opinions...or maybe they're experiences that ya' want to forget!:

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Throwing good money away

When the liners go toss the boots. Unless you can get replacements cheap somehow. The manufacturers want to sell new boots and charge like hell for replacement liners. I get them at shop cost and it is not worth it.

Grinding a boot out is like yelling at your wife or woman....you can't take it back. And you can't buy flowers to forgive the blunder.

Anything that I know about will not work well. Years ago we all accepted ill fitting boots and all sorts of pads and other stuff....today most skiers should not have to resort to that to get a good fit.

Sorry but I don't have a solution to save them.
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No solution here either, but

don't pass on your mistake to someone else without full disclosure. Without telling the buyer, that's just bad karma....
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I'm pretty much in agreement bsimeral & Dino,
Too much $$$ and still not a completely skiable boot...
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full disclosure to the buyer. to replace ground out material go to your local hardware store and buy a product called JB Weld. Follow the directions and then sand or grind the repair to match the old shell shape.
if you can't get JB Weld(unlikely) go to your local gun store and buy a product called Brownells Acra Glass, same as above.
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Eeek. Yet another reason to never by used boots. :-D
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Many thanks for the info...

Should anyone EVER buy used boots remotely...without a full array of pics and full disclosure.....?
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