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Atomic GS:9 Length

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I'm considering buying the Atomic GS:9 for the occasional Northwest day when only the groomers are worth skiing. So what would this crowd recommend? 160cm or 170cm. I won't be racing GS, just skiing fast and carving the groomers.

I'm 45yo, 5'-5" and 140lbs and 33 years of skiing. My current skis are Atomic SL:9 160cm as my all around, and Pocket Rockets 165cm for the deeper days.

I have seen last years GS:9 at a local shop for $350 with bindings. Too good of a deal to pass up.

Also possibly picking up last years SL:11 for all around fun. 155cm or 165cm.

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The GS9 is a fun cruiser ski. I would go with the 170 since you already have a 160cm slalom and they really are designed for longer turns and higher speeds.

I have a pair of BetaRace 9.20s that I use for beer league racing and early season cruising, and they still hold an edge at speed when I ask them to. The fastest I've been clocked on them was right under 56 MPH in a speed trap, so they'll go faster than most people are willing to go.

Pick them up.
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Thanks, I'll pick up the 170's today.

Hopefully I'll get up to Alaska again this spring and do more Heli skiing in Valdez. It was nice when I lived in Fairbanks and had Valdez almost in my back yard. Just a little expensive for my "local" area.

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