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Skiing at the Boat 9/24

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Unidentified on Rudi's run
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you mean riding at the boat.

I think he was beat by my Son and some of his park rat buddies a few days ago as they hiked for some pow.
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Holy smokes Lars!

A few years ago your post would be all about gangs and drugs!

I need a fix of snow.
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What kind of snow?
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You know...
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1. they actually have enough snow to ski a trail right now ? :
which brings up:
2. so this person hiked up to do this or someone hooked up a lucky few on a lift ? :
if the latter, results in this:
3. how do you get hooked up with this ? :
which ends it all with this:
4. why o' why have i not moved to the rockies yet ? :
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