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ETU Satellite Clinic Poll

Poll Results: Options for Monday Clinic

  • 17% (3)
    Racing 101
  • 29% (5)
    Racing 201
  • 35% (6)
    Learn to Teach Skiing
  • 0% (0)
    Special Equipment
  • 11% (2)
    Conditions du Jour
  • 0% (0)
    Video Workshop
  • 0% (0)
    Snowboarding for Rookies
  • 5% (1)
    Telemark for Rookies
  • 0% (0)
    Other (specify)
17 Total Votes  
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As many of you know, we are planning satellite clinics that will be complimentary to the Eastern Tune-Up. We are considering an alignment clinic for Friday, and a number of others for Monday. It is only physically possible to participate in one of the Monday clinics, so please only vore for one. If you are interested in the Friday Alignment clinic, please say so in the body of your message. Also, please indicate if you have had any alignment done before, if you have footbeds, if you are in the market for new boots anyway, these things could be helpful information.

--Racing 101 - using gates to get better at skiing
--Racing 201 - getting faster in the gates
--Learn to Teach (Introduction to teaching skiing)
--Special Equipment (snow blades and such)
--Ungroomed "Conditions du jour" (hard to predict in December)
--Video workshop
--Snowboarding for Rookies
--Telemark for Rookies
--Other, your choice here

This is my first time ever trying a poll, so please bear with me if this didn't work.
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After a long struggle, I am currently satisfied with my boots and alignment, so I'm going to pass on the Friday alignment session. However, I would like to ski on Friday and would certainly appreciate it if value priced lift tickets were extended to participants skiing immediately prior to the event!

As to the poll, I momentarily thought it was going to be a difficult decision with all the excellent options. Then it became clear which one would be the most difficult for me to access otherwise for an investigative sampling.

Thanks again to you and all the organizers for all the hard work that is going, and has gone, into this event!

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Hey Chris--thanks for being first on the poll. I'm pretty sure we can convince Stowe to extend their ticket discount another day for ETU participants.

I'm starting to think you actually LIKE taking tests!

Bob Barnes
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Originally Posted by Bob Barnes/Colorado
Hey Chris--thanks for being first on the poll. I'm pretty sure we can convince Stowe to extend their ticket discount another day for ETU participants.

Originally Posted by Bob Barnes/Colorado
I'm starting to think you actually LIKE taking tests!
Hmmm ...I wouldn't necessarily say I like taking tests, however, I'm not particularly bothered by them IF I'm prepared and know the material!

I do like learning though! I've certainly learned a lot at the academies and will definitely admit that my perceptions and understandings have been challenged and tested - beneficially I might add

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I'm interested in alignment but what would a clinic entail? Will it be on snow and all day or an afternoon/evening workshop? I would be hard pressed to get to a Friday all day, on snow clinic. To do so would mean driving all Thursday night into the wee hour Friday morning and another nights lodging for a few hours of sleep. Assuming that I could attend I would be interested in suggestions for new boots and footbeds with the option to buy at that time very possilble.

I'm the one, so far, for Conditions du Jour. Let me qualify that by saying I'm for Condition du Jour if we get a huge dump as we did last year or if there are good natural or variable conditions. This is a big wish for mid-December. Absent this situation I'd check Racing 101 or free skiing with a group of like skilled Bears.
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How about a steep or bumps clinic??
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We're a bit like Springhill Crazie. We'd really like to participate in a Friday Alignment session but at this point we're kind of 50/50 as to making it to Stowe in time to participate on Friday. A Friday p.m. alignment session might be more doable, but we just don't know exactly what an alighment clinici would consist of. Alas, I don't think Monday will be doable.
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I too would like to see an alignment clinic, but it would have to be in the PM to allow for arrival Friday morning.
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Hopefully Bob can respond to the questions about alignment, what we had planned was for an on-snow alignment clinic so that you can use video to see before and after of changes, as well as doing physical experiments to your boots and skis. For me at least, that works a lot better than standing on the slab and being told I need a 2 degree shim or something. Putting 2 degrees of shims in your binding and feeling the difference is a much different thing.

Perhaps though we can do both an on-sno clinic, and a mini-clinic in the evening.

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Originally Posted by RiDeC58
How about a steep or bumps clinic??
That's what we are calling our Conditions du Jour clinic, as we can't guarantee steeps or bumps in mid-December. Chances are good from a historical perspective, but there are no guarantees.
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Any ballpark figures on what the extra clinics/alignments sessions will cost??
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I should have added: I'm interested in the alignment clinic, but owing to complicated boot fitting issues, I will have already bought my boots by the time ETU rolls around. At least, I hope.
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We are going to close the polling on Friday and move on from there, so if you haven't voted yet, you might want to now.
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Can I change my vote from Racing 101 to "Conditions du Jour"? Jeez, I'm not even from Florida and I still voted for the wrong choice....

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