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looking for AT bindings

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I am looking to put some AT bindings on my 1080s

Done slackcountry a few times (loveland pass) and been wanting to get more into back country.

There seems to be a fairly wide variety of them, and Im not really sure what the pros and cons are (price is a big factor- ive never spent more than $250 on skis and bindings combined)

The two main contenders ive seen are the naxo nx01 and the frischi freeride. Frischi seems to be a bit cheaper.
Ive seen the naxo advertized as being able to climb without an AT boot. How well does that work?

Ive also seen some cheaper models such as the frischi titanal bindings. How do they compare.

My skiing style (esp in powder) is fairly agressive, but Im fairly sane. I will jump 10 foot cliffs but not 50 at this point. I shouldnt need a din above 10.

Any comments/other reccomendations would be greatly appreciated!
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There's a Tele/ AT backcountry board here and we just just done with the umpteenth discussion of this.
Take a look, loads of good advice
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If you want to be able to use your current alpine downhill boots with your AT bindings (which is always a nice option), then your choices are the Naxo or some version of the Fritschi Diamir. (The Dynafit binding is crazy light but requires an AT boot with special interface, and the Silvretta models are generally more oriented toward climbers, but the new Silvretta Pure looks interesting - unclear how well it works with alpine downhill boots.)

The Naxo’s complicated pivot apparently makes touring with alpine downhill boots somewhat less cumbersome. But be sure to get this year’s (not year’s) stock - see wildsnow.com for copious details.

If you’re okay with a release setting that goes up only to 10, and to save some $, then check out last year’s Diamir III: e-omc.com has a really good price (though brakes are not included). The Freeride version just another two numbers to the release setting, a slightly different (and perhaps stronger) toe, plus a few more mm of lift. Plus the price includes brakes. Other deals available at bcstore.com , thebackcountry.net, and bdel.com (plus perhaps some CO shops closer to home).

This year’s Diamirs (with the Freeride name unchanged, and the DIII becoming the Express/Explore) modify the toe AFD a bit, add an interface for a new ski crampon designed that can be attached yet not deployed, and can use a new ski brake that’s a bit lighter. Probably not worth the price differential, so get last yr’s stock while still available.
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