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Not much is ever said about

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Not much is ever said about Wolf Creek on this board. Does anyone have any info. Is it more for Beginners, intermediates, advanced?? Lift Service? overall ease or difficulty of terrain? I see it almost always has early snow...Tell me what you know...
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Wolf Creek does get a lot of early snow. It has a lot to do with its unique position of benefitting from multiple weather phenomena producing snow during the early season. They have a very high base elevation, so the snow builds quickly when fronts begin to challenge the summer heat.

It is a great place to ski, but is rather isolated. There is no way to shorten the trip up the pass to the ski area, and many people opt for the convenience of ski areas that are more accessible. It isn't unusual for it to be the first of the Colorado ski areas to open all of its terrain, and that includes some real nice expert terrain that you might have to wait another couple of weeks to get to at other resorts.

It's a great place, but isolated; and they refuse to pay the price of inclusion in the Colorado marketing scheme, so they don't get the press of many areas with lesser attributes.

If you see your ski vacations including a car to drive to your ski area daily, I would highly reccomend Wolf Creek as possibly the best 'out of the way' full service ski area in Colorado.

P.S. - That car idea might easily include a day or two of skiing at Taos should you be so inclined.
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Not much is ever said about Wolf Creek on this board
Be glad of it!!!!!!!
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Wolf Creek

Just noticed your post on Wolf Creek. Great early snow, this is a favorite early season warm up spot for Telluride instructors. The area opens well before we do (Thanksgiving), so many of us head out in early Nov. if conditions are right. It's a 4-5+hr. drive but worth it. -Kimwal
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Mrs. Skicrazy and I have made the 3-3/4 hr drive from Eagle to Wolf Creek for the last 2 years. It's amazing how much snow they have in early November. Last year, we skiied 11/8 - 9 with about a 60" base and although not reported as such, 100% open! Once we got over on the east ridge, we hardly crossed a track in two days. It felt like mid season conditions. The previous year was almost as good.

Wolf Creek dosen't belong to the Colorado Ski Association, so you don't hear too much about them....which is OK by me!
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I almost always ski there

It's got a good mix of beginner and intermediate and expert runs (if you are in the green/blue you stay on the right side of the mountain and you are ok).

The runs are fairly short though, but the lift lines are short

I have yet to go there and not get at least one day with 24"+ of fresh snow while we are there (usually go in December or January).
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