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skis for instructing

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Hi all, After a 12 year hiatus I'm returning to do some instructing this winter. Does anyone have an opinion on what a good ski would be to use for teaching on predominately Midwestern hardpack. I'm 6'2, 220 lbs, currently ski mostly on Dynastar Course GS race and Atomic GS 11.20 with Lange L10 boots. Thanks
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Hi Cowdog. Welcome back to instructing. The main things I prefer in my teaching skis are short length and relatively short turn radius, along with some good performance and versatility. That way my skis are reasonably similar in shape to the skis that most of the lower level ski school clients are getting from the rental shop, but I have appropriate performance in the event that I teach a higher level lesson. For the last two seasons I've been teaching on 160 cm Fischer Sceneo 500's, which I would describe as a versatile all mountain carver which will work well for me with beginners but also work for me in the event that I catch a lesson with someone who wants to ski some tougher terrain. Depending on the ski, that length might be a bit short for your recreational skiing, but you would find it good for teaching, particularly for kids and the lower level lessons which are our bread and butter. (Shameless promotional message follows: If you are interested, I have a pair of last years Fischer RX-8's in a 160cm length with demo bindings which are great performing skis and have exceptional edge grip on hard snow. Yesterday I posted an ad for them in the classified section of the Epic Forum.)

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