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Stokli Spirit Free

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Stokli Spirit Free. These are blue skis with a wide shovel and narrow waist. If you've ever skied these, what can you tell me about them?
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The Free is the widewaist model in the Spirit line. I have Pros, which are the narrow waist. The Frees still have a fair bit of sidecut, but they are designed to be in the semi-midfat range. The tails are really aggressively flared, so if you like heelsliding, these skis will fight you. They require that you carve, or at least slide very much on edge.
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I liked them ..... [img]smile.gif[/img] For cruddy stuff they were good...

they got stolen....
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Ant & Disski - I thought you guys would be here. [img]smile.gif[/img] . By the way, nice website ant.
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Well, so far, all that's been reported here comports with my own expereince with them (not my own skis). I skied them in a nominal 160 cm length, which is a LONGER 160 cm than my Rossi T-Powers in 160 . . . hmmmm. Anyway, I at first thought them ponderous (they're carvers, not skidders), but after skiing on them further, I was very, very impressed and enjoyed them a lot. At the end of the day, I took a comparative test ride on my Bandit X's - and I wanted to go back to the Stoklis, no contest. The Stoklis were better at everything -short turns, long turns, edge hold, high speed, low speed, everything - except skidding, which they will still do when ordered. The Stoklis gave a smooth, smooth ride, edged tenaciously, and I felt extremely confident on them even at the highest speeds I could find. I'm looking forward to skiing them in bumps, crud and powder. Stay tuned.
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Oboe .... empty your message box.
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Thanks Schuss! More stuff being added when I stop drinking this dreadful beer and write it.

I was nagging the local Stockli pusher today to hop on here (someone gave him an epicski badge so he can't say he forgot the url!) and talk about them. He skis these Frees, the SL and the GS.
Yeah, I wrote an eloquent reply to the p-mail, but it bounced.
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My pm box is almost empty - only one tleft that it hasn't let me delete.

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Originally posted by Vita-Man:
I ski the Spirit Free in a 170 cm. I am 6ft 1in 220 lbs. The ski handles any thing I can throw at it. Turns like a SL and tracks like a GS at high speeds. It is the most versitle of the 3 Spirits in the Stockli line. The sidecut is about the same as the 4,5,6 Star Volkl`s
Vita-Man, how about the way it handles rough snow and natural snow - pow, crud, whatever?
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Hey Oboe

I confess to being clueless concerning the virtues of the Stockli Free. But what I would like to suggest is that evidence continues to pile up about a skiing geometry that is not currently embraced by most of today's skiers. For me it started with Physics Man who wrote with affection about his iC 200/XP100 skis with a geometry of 121/66/106. Based on desiring a less stiff brother of that ski, I bought a pair of XP80s which are 116/65/101. Now, my "ski guru" Oboe tells me he is hot for a ski that has the dimensions 116/67/99. Meanwhile SingSing who has been demoing for a while finally finds a pair of skis that he really likes the Elan S-12 112/67/100.

Except for me, who hasn't tried the geometry, all of these people seem to prefer the more radical sidecut idea with a narrower waist, and a wide enough tip to handle deeper accumulations of snow that occur from time to time. Sounds like a win/win situation. Faster turn initiation while still having the ability to handle crud when necessary.



PS Wonder if you have ever demoed the iC180 iC200 skis yourself?
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Originally posted by rvwink:

PS Wonder if you have ever demoed the iC180 iC200 skis yourself?
Not yet - there's less time to demo since I put more time into instruction and, of course, my profession of thirty-seven plus years.
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you're obviously an eastern skier, at your size on a 170 seems conservative. i'm 5'7" and 160 lbs and ski a salomon scream hot at 175 and actually tried the 165...too small. i've tried 5 stars at 168 and rx 8's at 165 and too jittery. my question to you is one: are you losing edge control on any turns with short skis, and 2: are they versitile enough for ice, crud and powder? i've followed your posts for a little while and value your opinion, thanks in advance...sakamo
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