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West conditions Dec vs Jan

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A buddy and I are planning a weekend trip for either December 10 or mid January. We're looking into Utah, Vail, or Tahoe areas. Would that early in December be too risky for snow conditions? I'd appreciate any insights as I've only been out West once several years ago.
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December 10 is the weekend before all the resorts make their big push to get terrain open for the holiday business season. The odds on good snow and open terrain is a lot lower than the January period, and most resorts see no financial benefit in opening terrain a week ahead of the rush for just a handful of skiers.
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Early Dec can be vary risky some years it has ben great and others ho hum. your best bet is to wait untill Jan. However if there is early snow then you will be able to get some great deals on pre-holiday Airfare/ lodgeing packages. With the saving you might be able to do two trips.
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Good points, I hadn't thought about the holiday push, but that makes total sense. I think we'll book for January and if the opportunity comes up and the snow is good maybe go for a last-minute deal in December. Thanks.
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Conditions at Tahoe in December

Well, that's a tough one. As an easterner traveling to Tahoe yearly in early December, I can report that, (surprise), it can be variable from year to year. last few years have been great. Skied in deep, (30"), powder with no one there in two of the last 3 years at Kirkwood. Third year was a bust, though.

You never know!

Same at Vail in Colorado, one year great, next year it sucks.

January certainly more reliable, but then again that's when everyone elso goes.

I'm booked again to Tahoe for first week in December. Willing to toss the dice to get a great headstart on the season.
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Last couple of years had good snow

in Tahoe in December. January would be a surer bet though. Utah might be better in either month. However, I had a Italian friend fly up from Mexico City, and he loved it. Last December 26, we had about 18" of cold, fresh pow at Kirkwood.
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