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Which size?

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Big sale today [img]smile.gif[/img]

I am going to pick up a pair of K2 5500s. Not sure which size I should get. I am 5'7 175 Intermediate skier looking to get better [img]smile.gif[/img]

Opinions Welcome [img]smile.gif[/img] My choices are 160, 167, 174.
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OK, I'll start: NOT the 174.
My first thought would be to say go with the 160, but I'm not as certain on that one!

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You should check out a few of the ski review sites. Two commenters indicated that that ski did not like ice.

I ski mostly PA, VT and NY and ice is not just an occasional phenomena. To me that would be a consideration.
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The K2 Escape 5500 is a terrific ski for an intermediate and a great value. I am a truly average skier, weigh about 150 and have enjoyed it in the 174 length on VERY firm snow. I felt that it would be too unsteady in any shorter length. It's very flexible, turns easy. As I said, a GREAT value, great ski for the money. Why spend more for a higher level [stiffer ski when you don't need it. I think it's hard snow performance in New England was fine - and on true, blue, scratch-proof ice, and at your intermediate level, GET OFF THE HILL!!
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