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Snowing Heavy in Ouray!

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We got quite a bit of snow at high elevation last night and it is snowing hard right now in Ouray! At this pace there may be some backcountry skiing open by tomorrow!
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And in Summit County! Up to my ankles! WHEE!
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Hooray for Ouray! Yes, it's coming down hard in Summit County, too. There are at least 6" in my yard at this point, and it's not letting ups. Light, mid-winter-like snowflakes! Arapahoe Basin says they'll fire up their new snow guns this evening. I still expect to get in a few more good bike rides before the winter really settles in, but this is looking pretty good!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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From the Northeast, GRRRRRRR : That's the way, just keep on rubbing it in to us poor snow depleted folk! Well, at least I'm planning to be out at Breck the beginning of December for a week, weeeeeeeeeeee
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I have a feeling we'll be skiing on Halloween again in Summit CO Any word on if the other Summit areas are going to be turning the snow guns on early as well?
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My snow removal service actually showed up (in SEPTEMBER) to clear the driveway here in Summit County this morning. Great first day of fall.

Heard tales of up to 17 inches in Steamboat.

But it is supposed to be back in the 60's in the next few days. Fall is returning.
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So when are we going skiing? I got 2 freebies to A-basin from that ski area CEO luncheon.
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is this snow really sustainable ??? have there been years when winter started this early in CO?
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Double GRRR......... I't was 87 deg. here in the mid atlantic today.
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Originally Posted by Marty
is this snow really sustainable ??? have there been years when winter started this early in CO?
I don't know but I am headng to the high country this weekend and I plan to be skiing something. I will take some spring (rock) skiing in September at this point! Time to sacrifice the old K2's. I think all skis should go out this way....
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lol amen clayton!
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End of summer?

Silverthorne, Colordo, September 22, 2004

How's this for the last day of summer/first day of fall? And the blue sky didn't last long--we've probably had another 3-4 inches since I took this picture this afternoon.
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Looks good to me! Add some to it and open up one of those ski areas nearby! I'm ready to come out and make some turns ...lots to work on this season, so no sense waiting to get started
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I'm so jealous... It'll probably be November before we get any snow here. Maybe October, but that's usually just a dusting. I can't wait to move somewhere where it snows more...
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