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This month's Ski mag - Hip Flexors stretch

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Since some people might be a bit shy about mentioning this (yeah, sure).

Look on page 254, at least in the Eastern edition, of the October issue of Ski Magazine. A "Trainer Tip" sidebar "Get Hip to Hip Flexors" by none other than LM.

And darnit when will somebody realize it's "Mountain Sport..." not "Mountain Sports...".

Any publicity is good as long as they spell your name right. (Why is that so hard?)
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Where the hell is my issue?

Is the stretch any different then the typical lunge style stretch?

I have alot of issues with my hip flexors because of two knee surgeries and being active. My hip flexor and quads are so messed up that I have a shooting/burning pain in my upper quad and lower back which is what a tight hip flexor will do.

When I stretch it out I actually go numb in that region and feel a burning pain.

I have gone to a physical therapist, chiropractor, and sports massage therapist. They all help but if I don't continually stretch and exercise then the pain returns.

I wish there were more hip flexor stretches.
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Chech out a book by " Bob Anderson" called "Stretching" http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...126500-2668759

This book was recommended by a Dr. and has a lot of different stretches. It is well illustrated. What makes this book good is that it shows the right way and the wrong way to stretch so you don't make things worse.(I don't mean to say that they want you to use incorrect stretches) The book is about $12.00
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Hey I read that tip but didn't pay attention to who wrote it. Don't know what that says about me???

Scalce, maybe you should be strecthing your outward rotaters also. A tight piriformis can compress the sciatic nerve causing lower back pain and pain down the leg. I do a piriformis strecth with a swiss ball. Ask your PT about this.

Lay on your back with one knee bent 90 degrees and your leg resting on the ball in the lower calf are. Cross your other leg onto the leg resting on the ball, with your ankle resting just above the knee. Then slowly role the ball towards your butt allowing the bottom of the foot to rest on the ball. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds. They say don't go over four repitiions per side.

I've been doing this strecth to add outward rotation range in my hips and because I don't have equal range of motion from side to side. Both reasons relate to skiing skill fitness. This is the easiest way I've found to stretch this muscle.

I also like to stretch my hip flexors by using my hip extendors, like in the bridge form or using the swiss ball it can be a slow deliberate exercise, and doesn't need to be held for long periods. Five seconds hold, over ten repitions is good. You probably already know this. Later, RicB.
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Scalce, I just re-read your post, I agree it sounds like the begining of a sciatic nerve problem. As I am just recently recovering form a very sucessful surgery, I will warn you not to play around with this. Of all my injuries (5 surgeries) this was the most painful and debilitating of all. Head it off at the pass now. Go see a Chiroporactor, neuro surgeon that deals with spinal injuries. I can tell you that accupuncture provided great relief and was encouraged by my surgeon. Check out http://www.neurogroup.us/ and follow the different links including www.spineuniverse.com. If the pain begins to head into your calf and ankle, and if you start to notice weakness in your leg and numbness in your foot/ankle, don't wait around.
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