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Just drive there!!!

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This season at least 4 of us are going to the masters nationals in Big Sky.
Problem is that we can not get there from here (ny area). We could get some round trip tiks for about $600 each. this would get us to MT, but still an hour from Big Sky & we would have to rent a car & have 2-3 stop overs & risk our shuff getting lost 2-3 times as we change planes

Our latest plan is to purchase tiks to SLC from NYC. B/c both are major airports, round trip would be bout $200 & this would leave us with a 6 hour drive to Big Sky. Any reason(s) to abort this new road trippy plan?
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Just plan on taking up to 10 hours depending on conditions and try to do as much driving during the day as possible. You get to drive through some very gorgeous, sparsely populated areas that are also prone to wind. Even if its not snowing visibility can be bad.

As long as you got a car and are in the area plan on spending a day skiing at Bridger Bowl (1 1/2 hours away) and Moonlight Basin (right next door to Big Sky).
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Make sure you get a 4wd rental...and check ahead to see if they let you take it out of Utah. I rented in Boise and drove to Alta - had considerable hassle from the rental folks about taking it out of state (Budget) - they wanted to charge more.
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Good plan. That's what I'd do.

2-3 days before the flight, see if you can priceline the SLC-Bozeman leg, you can always cancel the car.

Connecting thru SLC is always fun, cuz you always run the chance of catching a dump when you pass thru.
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4 of us have now booked tix & have the lodging set. Now the real fun begins. As I am the only one not going to be racing masters events, I am shopping for my big mtn skis to bring with me. The rest of our party is exploring shipping options for DH, SG, GS, SL, all-mtn, & tele skis for this adventure...not to mention multiple sets of boots & poles. I think our trip is looking up already
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