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Hey everyone!

Here's the deal - I started racing not too long ago, and my first pair of Race Skis were the GS11.21, 176cm, store stock as far as I am aware. I liked them generally but wasn't overly enthused. I was out at Hood this summer and got around to demoing a few GS skis because I wanted some new ones. Tried the new Rossi 9X World Cup at 181, it felt sluggish and damp although easy to control. Tried the new Salomon Race Stock 2Vs 180cm, quick, energetic ski but I didn't feel like they'd be tenacious or stable enough. Then I made a switch for a few runs with someone who had the new 186cm Atomic GS11 "World Cup Stock" (squared off Beta lobes as opposed to rounded). I figured they'd overwhelm me but I loved them! They were somehow easier to turn than more old 176s, and way more stable! I'm thinking of giving then rep a ring and trying to get a pair of 183s (a little softer and more manageable I presume), but I still have some doubts that they're too much even though I liked them so much.

So what I'm asking is - what are the main characteristics that differ between the World Cup and Regular Stock models? I would figure that the World Cups would be stiffer and harder to turn but they're not. Any insight at all would be appreciated because I don't want to get stuck with some skis that will kick my ass! Also - is there a regular "Race Stock" as well as "World Cup" stock, or is that just what they call it? Thanks a ton.