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Looks like I'lll be MIA friday!
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Friday afternoon lift tix- whom do we ask for special rates if there any available?

Spruce Lodge Loft - is that space open/available in case of niar, dryland demos or stretch classes/what not?
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Anybody interested in skiing with the coaches for another day, we will offer several different options. The cost of these options is $125, plus a $29 lift ticket. Video will again be done on this day.
What is the schedule of payment for the Monday options? Just pay Monday AM?
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Where's the Carriage House?
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Originally Posted by evansilver
Where's the Carriage House?
It's on the access road, part of Town & Country Inn.
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I posted this on another thread, but thought it should be here too:

Pray for Snow in Stowe. There are currently 3 trails open at Stowe. Actually, only 1 way down on Mansfield from the FourRunner Quad. That way is Lord(65%) to North Slope(100%). The only other place currently open is a beginner run on Spruce- The Adventure Triple and Inspiration. From the site it looks as if they are making snow in some other areas. Perry Merrill, Ridge View, and Center Line show snowmaking as well as Smuggler's, West Run and Easy Street on Spruce.

Dec. 11 and 12 are Demo Days at Stowe according to the website http://www.stowe.com/news/event_calendar.php

Maybe some ETU'ers can try some demos too.
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It's been snowing since you posted. I was up at the hill today, it is looking a lot better. I think they had every gun they own blowing snow all day. They spent a lot on upgrading thier snowmaking capacity over the summer. Now it's time to put it to use.
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I feel better after seeing this, I hope this makes others feel better too.

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Thanks for the update!!! See ya all next week...
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Looks like things are starting to shape up a little! They opened up another trail today
The forcast looks like they'll at least have some good snow making weather too!
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Hey Bears, just some good news for us Easterners. I skied Mount Snow this morning for a couple of hours and it was excellent skiing. Not a lot of terrain open, but top to bottom packed powder - totally enjoyable. By noon the small rocks start showing so get out early. They do a great job of early season snowmaking and grooming. I'd bet that lots of other areas have similar conditions too.

It was snowing on the way up and the whole time I was skiing, in the 20's. In Massachusetts where I live it was in the 30's and clear.

Seems like the ETU should be just fine.
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Will it be practical to do some demos along with the coaching, say Saturday after lunch?
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Demos.... I think tha would be something that you'd want to do with your coach and the rest of the group. They will probably have the demos set up at the Gondola base, which means you will probably ski at the gondola if you are demoing. I think it would probably be cool if everyone wants to do it, but otherwise, you'd probably be holding up the group. ou could probably grab a demo at lunch, but the reps might not want you to have it all afternoon. Also, changing skis during a clinic can get confusing, was it the ski or what the coach just told you that made a change? My suggestion is if you have a specific ski you are intersted in, pick it up at either Stowe's Demo Center, or at one of the shops on the access road, and ski it all day. Maybe try another on Sunday, but you are here fr the coaching, and if you are demoing a lot it will distract you from it.
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