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Ski/ Binding Systems

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This year there are more Ski/Binding systems then last season. I'm sure in a few years you won't be able to buy a ski that isn't a Ski Binding combo. I don't like this trend. I dislike being forced to use a binding that I just don't like.I'm so against this new trend That i even resist demoing System Skis. What are your feeling about this trend?
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I agree with you that integrated binding systems are here to stay. That said, I don't know how much more they will dominate the market than they do now.

Volkl Motion and Salomon Pilot do well because people are generally receptive to Marker and Salomon bindings. It's a much tougher deal for the companies that are owners of, or are affiliated with, the other binding producers - Rossi/Look, Tyrolia, Atomic. While these bindings certainly have some fans, they defintely don't have the market acceptance that Salomon and Marker have.

This really forces Rossi, Dynastar, Atomic, Head, Elan into a pickle because they would surely reduce their ski sales by forcing people to buy their bindings. I believe Atomic wisely increased their number of "flat" models for this season.

Personally, Markers have always worked for me so I don't really have a complaint. The one segment of skis that I don't think will go to systems is fat skis.
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I agree, I do not see fat skis entering the integrated binding market, there are just too many people who get them mounted in non-standard locations.

However, more alternatives need to exist for fat ski brakes. I had considerable trouble getting a wide break for bindings with a DIN higher than 14 (and that was for a 92 waist I believe), now some fat skis are hitting well over 100mm in the waist, how many bindings on the general market can accomidate them? Not enough.
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