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Are Atomics the way to go?

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Buying skis is driving me nuts! I'm in the market for a new pair and there have been 4 or 5 that I've finally said "yup those are the ones," only to come across another pair that causes me to second guess my decision.

On the agressive scale I'm about 7/10 and I split my time between groomed runs and the bumps or crud. The problem is every free ride ski says the same thing "All-mountain ski for the skiers who wants everything." Okay, but what is the best? Obviously personal preference is a big part of it but I haven't had the chance to demo the ones I'm interested in. If it's a case that many skis fitting my mould, then lucky me, but I still would like some opinions.

The ones that have the lead are the Atomic Beta Ride 8.20. I've also looked into the 9.20's but there is a significant price jump and I'm I think they are a little more advanced than what I'm looking for. I've also considered the Rossi Bandit XX but I like the construction of the Atomics (especially the power channels and the full flex bindings).

Any input would be appreciated.
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atomics and rossi...BAD :O!!!
not that they're bad skis or anything....pretty good imho, but they're a pain in the arse to tune. If you're at the ski shop, ask a tech to bring out a tru-bar and check the base...see that light coming through the middle of the bar? The base of the skis for alot of new atomics and rossi are edge high...meaning, if you want to get them tuned with a stone grinder, you get the base pattern on the edge of the ski and not in the middle...and atomic cautions you not to grind the base down so it's flat. (i'm guessing the same thing with rossis).

it's possible to put in a pattern by hand, but it takes a bit more time, and isn't as consistent as a stone grind. From what i've heard, the beta construction of the atomics put so much pressure on the edges that the construction actually pushes the edge down...whether that's bad or not, it's up to the skier to decide. Hell, Atomics are awsome skis...loved the BR 9.22 superlight from last season and the beta race 9.28 from a few seasons ago.

if you might, take a look at the volkl G2, which i believe is in the performance range of the beta ride 8.20. Fun ski I might add [img]smile.gif[/img] Holds an edge really well like most volkls i've been on.
Head XP60 might be fun too. Try a bunch out, goto demo days, etc and try not to dwell too much on how you like the construction of the atomics [img]smile.gif[/img]

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The atomic line out is great! There is everything to choose from. You can go easy skiing - moderate - pushin it - carving - or racing, there's a ski for all of them. If BetaRacer is around(surfing the forum), he can tell ya what you exactly want.
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The brand of the skis doesn't matter.

The construction of the skis doesn't matter.

What does matter, a lot, is how the skis feel on your feet. If you took all the skis that were suitable for your skiing style and ability, some of these excellent brands will make you ski better, some will make you ski worse, a couple will make you ski much better and put a big smile on your face. The length of the ski is so important, and you really need a test drive to know which size in which model is right for you.

If you want the right skis for you, you've gotta demo.

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Too bad someone has had an experience with Rossi's that are "concave", or railed. As a Rossi skier on the groomed [last years T-Power Cobra X], I have never had that problem, and I have heard of no OTHER Rossie skier who's had that problem. So go with the ski model you like regardless of brand. None of the major brands is bad.
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I would take a straight edge with me and check the bases of any Atomics prior to purchase. I do not believe for a moment the comments about the bases being "concave" by design. I checked the bases on my sons skis before I sold them at a charity event a few weeks ago. They were fine when purchased but had developed a pattern of unique "concavaties" within the season.

Two of the folks on the race team required a grind before the skis were usable. One ski was "railed" the other (same model as my son's) also had these asymetric "concave features".

Others that have them think they are great. They probably are if you get a pair that they were made when the production line was at normal speed. Two shops that I spoke with indicated that there are problems when the plactics cure and shrink.

I don't like being a "nattering nabob of negativism" ...... thanks Spiro! ..... but I have a hard time tossing $ away ...... keeping a Jr. Race Kid in equipment is expensive enough.
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