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AC / David,

Would it be possible to get a "forum jump" at the top of the sceen as well as at the bottom?

When I look at one forum, I'm generally only looking at the stuff up top, since the stuff at the bootom is old. Once I've covered the couple of threads that I want, I generally want to jump over to another forum. So having the Forum Jump at the top, would save that aggrivating 2 seconds it takes to scroll to the bottom ;-). On top of that, if someone has a slow connection, and doesn't know that the Forum Jump even exists, it will save them a noticable amount of time.

Having one at the top of the screen after making a post would also help. You know, the screen that shows your post, but not the whole thread? That way, if that's the last thread I want to look at in that forum, I can jump over to another forum without having to take 2-3 steps to get there.

Just a thought, and your hard work is much appreciated.