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new gear advice needed

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hello guys,

I'm relatively new to skiing (5 seasons), but skiing around 40/50 days per year and progressing fast (self-applause sounds soo good ;-)))). I'm 185 cm/90kg. My current skis are 3 years old Nordica W65 which were rated as a good intermediate skis. They have radius of 14m at 173cm, which completely satisfies me. Only problems with these skis are at higher speeds and not ideal conditions when some flickering and instability occurs. I would like to change them for something which will hold better in speed&ice. Major part of my skiing is done around Austria, Italy & Switzerland plus my home hills in Slovakia. I can ski everything groomed and I would like to improve my off piste skiing. I would like to ask you for a piece of advice, which way to go. (I'm thinking about Head XRCs or Atomic SXs).
Any input highly appreciated.
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new gear

Your best bet is to demo some skis before you buy. A lot of places have free equipment to try out. Worst case is they charge but apply the cost to your purchase.

My advise to anyone/everyone is to try out some skis before you buy.

Good luck,

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Thanks for advice. I will definetely do some demo. All I want is just to narrow the selection and demo only 4-5 skis (let's say in 1 day).
Btw: is it a big difference between 14m and 16m radius?
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14m vs. 16m

Only you would know. It depends on how you ski.
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If you are thinking about Head XRC and Atomic SXs you should also look at the Nordica Speedmachine 12 and SUV 12. The Speedmachine will be quicker edge to edge and the SUV 12 will be more versital. Both skis are extremely stable at speed.
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