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Dynastar site up (finally)

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Too bad the site is a hideous example of the overuse of Shockwave Flash.
I got a headache trying to navigate that mess.

Bust out the 14" monitor with 800x600 resolution for maximum enjoyment.
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Yeah, but they probably can use it to justify being last? out here in cyberspace!
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Holy carp!

Can you say "We don't want you to find out about our skis on our website"? I'm no expert, but that has got to be one of the worst websites ever. Seems like they took their clues from webpagesthatsuck.com without understanding it was a guide of what NOT to do.

I also don't like flash - way to overused.
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My eyes actually hurt after looking at that. Where's the aspirin?
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I thought you guys must be exaggerating.

You weren't. Intersting to find out that the Legend 800 comes in one color - "bleu".

Note the true domain name -


They aren't trying to make people car sick with the over the top animation....
they are TEASING us.
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Some of the Lange/Dynastar products are outstanding, and they should do a lot better sales-wise in the US market. Too bad it takes more than great products to make a brand successful. Their marketing is pathetic as is their understanding of how valuable a tool a web site can be. They have eager customers scouring the internet for useful information, and they serve up this tripe. No wonder their competitors continue to eat Dynastar's lunch.......and they aren't eating tripe.
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I noticed the other day that K2's site is up too, but not yet complete, however it won't work from the normal homepage. but this link works to get some info for this years stuff:

Dynastar isn't last, but I noticed the teaser part of the domain name, but hopefully that is not the final Dynastar site, it is definately not very intuitive to wander the site.
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It seems silly that their binding information doesn't include "lift" heights.
But then, last season they never had any Look info.
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They have the dimensions for the 186 legend pro wrong. It's 122-97-118... whereas they list the dimensions for the 194 as the old SN dimensions. hmmmmm
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I notice that the site just stops loading with Firefox or Mozilla
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