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which one?

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I am looking into getting some new powder skis. I am approx. 6'3" tall and weigh 150 lbs. I am currently skiing (plain, not b.c.) 180 cm. rossignol scratches and love them, but they do not float very well. I want a ski that floats through powder, but can also straight line a cooly and fly off a cliff. I am very capable of useing a 190+ cm ski, so dont be afraid to suggest those. Please keep in mind i also want to do aerials but not necessarily switch landings. Because of my location, I can only get rossignol, salomon, or volkl skis. knowing all this, any suggetions?
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forget to add i'm poor. money is an issue.
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Beg Mtnlion for some CMH Explosives if you're broke - 190s still available. Binders for some $20.-, shipping was $25.- for my ones (into Toronto).

Hope that helps.
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