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How many skies do you own and use? - Page 3

Poll Results: How many pairs of skis do you own and use?

  • 12% (25)
    1 pair
  • 24% (51)
    2 pairs
  • 30% (62)
    3 pairs
  • 10% (22)
    4 pairs
  • 21% (45)
    5+ pairs
205 Total Votes  
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Yeah. Like those Bogner skis in SKI Mag.
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I miss the days when you only needed 2 pair of skis - Sl and GS racing. That pair would work everywhere, anytime, and in any condition.

Don't get me wrong - I miss the days, not the skis. There are just too many damn choices these days, and to make matters worse skis have gotten so good for a specific task that any ski not directly designed for that task sucks. If you don't have the latest GS or SL ski in a race - go home. And, if you take your racing boards out west you'll be working way harder than your buddies on all mountain or powder boards.

I have a Race GS (P60), Race SL (P60), and a "Carving" Free ski (6*) ... and I'm looking for another one as a big mountain / powder board. When will it end ?
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It depends on if you are a racer or not, they own at least two pair(SL &GS and if are lucky you race SG and DH as well). Currently I own a GS (P40 F1 188cm) back up GS/beater (Stockli lazer 190cm) SG race (Stockli 213) all mtn (Elan S12 177cm) and then there are the snowboards I have three of those. Some of this stuff sees very little use, but I do use all it. I am looking to pick up an SL race and a pair with a wider waist probably a Metron B5.
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ooops....skewed results!

I actually read "poles" not skis.....As a result, I posted two instead of one. I have a pair of 'adjustable' poles that I occasionally use in the backcountry. Usually this means that if I lean on the pole, it adjusts itself to a shorter length. But as for skis, I am on one pair. I do subcribe and YEARN for that X+1 pair of skis!!!!! So, if I end up with an extra 800 dollars this season, I will buy that dream pair of skis.

Then, I will ski on one pair and have two pair 'rusting' in the garage!!

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5k includes gear, trips, lodging, lift tickets, etc
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2 pair & holding (for now....)

goto_ski: 01' Volkl Vertigo G3:
rock_skis: 00' Volkl V3 Carver
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Well I have an old pair of 165 Blizzards, straight stick-style, hanging out somewhere. Then I also have a pair of 210 Olins, again, straight-stick-style. Last year I borrowed my friend's 160-something vipers, and this year I bought a pair of 167 Cobras. I'm 'just starting' to get into the shaped skis even though I've been skiing for 15 years or so. I still prefer my oldies
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I have one pair of skis that I use at the moment. 175 Salomon Scream 8 Pilots. I finally got some boots that fit well and I won't fall out of on a turn. <plug>Thanks to Dave at Colorado Ski and Golf.</plug> I plan on buying some twin tip pocket rockets next season. If sniagrab has them next year.

Warren miller has corrupted me for life. LOL
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