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How many skies do you own and use? - Page 2

Poll Results: How many pairs of skis do you own and use?

  • 12% (25)
    1 pair
  • 24% (51)
    2 pairs
  • 30% (62)
    3 pairs
  • 10% (22)
    4 pairs
  • 21% (45)
    5+ pairs
205 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by stumiester
Why doesn't anyone count the "other" skis in the garage?
Once you get into other forms of gliding on snow the there is no limit. I have 17 pairs on the active rack, though one of those never got used last year (the short skating ski for narrow sno-mo trails and mixed crust skate-hike tours).

Have Alpine skis for SL GS powder and all mountain. Alpine touring skis (light short ones for spring mountaineering, long fat ones for powder yo-yoing). Back country xc. Classic xc. Racing XC (skate and classic). Got to have both rock and good skis in all categories.

I desperately need a speed ski and a powder ski with more side cut (using old Dynastar 4x4 bigs. Sold the 200cm sno rangers so the bigs are prime rock ski candidates) I wouldn't mind some tele skis.

It could be worse. I helped a friend on the Canadian National XC team bring her skis home from Europe last year.....23 pairs, just for XC racing.

took the dog for a hike in the snow yesterday!
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I only have two (can I add my 2 snowboards to that - one is a big powder/freeride board and the other is a race board?). One pair of short carvers (150 cm with a 10M radius) and one pair of all-mountain skis (Dynastar Cross 10s). I'd like to have a slightly fatter pair for snow that gets skied in (rather than ON). Maybe a 75-80mm waist, but not a "fattie", because I still haven't gotten into that much flotation - reminds me too much of skiing ON snow. I don't have a pair of rock skis, but that leads me to answer Stumeister's question. The skis I was on two seasons ago snapped under the toe piece in the bumps on the last day of skiing that season, and the pair I had before that have a broken sidewall and depressed edge from landing on a flat rock from about 4-5 feet up at speed. The internals are completely compromised (squished) My next oldest pair of skis are Dynastar Max Zeros, and I *hated* them and took the bindings off. The next older pair are 206cm Dynastar CMGs.... No... I don't think so!
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Originally Posted by gonzostrike

I can't believe that you and I have not talked about fishing. OVERSIGHT.
Hey, Gonz.

My fishing is a lot like my skiing - I'm much better at talking about it than actually doing it. :

Do you ever get over to the Madison at all? I'm tentatively planning a two or three-day trip to Ennis or West Yellowstone the first week of Oct.

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Fat boards
Fat twintips
Fatter boards
Fat boards with naxos
GS boards
Tele boards
Fat tele boards
Nordic boards with edges
Nordic wooden pine tar boards

Then I get into the "show" quiver, which includes 5 pair older than I am. I am seriously lacking wall space in the cabin, so many are piled up in the closet.

Heck, my ten year has GS boards, slalom boards, twintips and powder boards.

I ascribe to the n+many quiver. Right now, I would like to add Shuksans, Nordica Beast, Fischer WC slalom and some super-g or some downhill boards. Make that "and" some downhill boards. and some jumping boards. and some mad trix or another short park ski.
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Hmm..I only have two pair I ski right now -- I have an older pair of Atomic 9.22s midfats but I don't use them. For me its shorty slaloms for groomers and twintip fatties for powder, crud, corn, bumps, etc..

Believe me I have tried to come up with a rationale for a third pair but so far no luck -- the only thing I can think of is a pair of 16m-ish race-carve/skicross skis like Skicross or 6 stars for more stabiltyon those days when you just want to ski really fast, or relax a bit.
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I currently have 6 pairs of skis. I'll be selling 3 pairs of skis this fall . Then thinking adding a new pair of SL skis to the quiver.
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Recovering equipment junkie

Currently have 2 and skid both last season.

Plan to sell the oldest pair and replace with something else by Dec.

In the past I had 2-5 pair and would ski all of them.

Nearing retirement I have had to go to Skiers Anonymous and am currently on a 12 point program to limit my intake to no more than 2 pair....1 for hard snow and 1 for soft.
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I like to have a pair in every room during the summer -- salamons in the kitchen,
k2s in the bedroom, volants in the living room...keeps me sane when I think winter will never come.
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1 pair alpine skis: Salamon Crossmax Pilot 10's; one pair 15 or 16-year old Fischer XC skis, and a Salamon snowboard.

Everything else was purged last year because I wasn't using any of my old K2's, Dynastars, Olins, Langes, or Heads.
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I keep trimming the quiver before the start of the season, but for some strange reason I always end up with the same or more than I started with ?@*&^% How does that happen?!??

Well I have the Xscreams, R11's, im85's on the chopping block, we'll see if I can unload them at the ski swap. I'll be happy to get it down 3 pair.
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Unapologetic equipment junkie

I don't consider myself to own any part of the sky, but I use two lungfuls at all times. Arrrr! Actually, I always thought the plural of ski was skiis, but maybe that was a Canadian version, just like we spell colour with a u. Any other Canajuns know about that? Anyway, I will defer to the majority, who use skis as the plural.
A quick count just turned up 12 pair in current use, plus I don't know how many straight skis that I'll never use, now that shapes made them obsolete. I subscribe to the golf bag system, partly to have the right tool for the conditons. It's also nice to have training skis identical to the set that is kept perfect for racing. And waxed softer/harder. SG and DH skis for the slow days (traffic-wise!) Rock skis for early season. Backups in case of a broken or damaged ski. It's 14 hours driving in scary winter conditions to the nearest Wintersteiger. So many reasons. No need to ski on frapped-out equipment, and no need to apologize for loving great equipment!

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hmmm- forgot to count the xc pair. I guess that's 4.
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I have three pair but have been known to borrow my sons three pairs from time to time. Even though I paid for his does that make them mine or his.

I think it's time for someone to receive an early x-mas gift from his loving wife, of say Atomic SL 11's in say something around 170cm. A nice quick turning all mountain ski. One that will surely help him to improve and have more fun and be happier and easier to live with and...
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Three that I own, although two see almost all of the action. I've got a pair of 188 cm K2 Axis with Linkens on them that are my "reserve" pair in case I break a binding on the other two pairs. I never got into the Linkens as they didn't suit my style of skiing so those got shelved quickly. I mainly ski two pairs of 183cm K2 Enemys, one with G3 Targas and one with Chilis on them.
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My fifth set of boards are RPM 21's; that makes four midfats (R10.20, AX3, Legend 4800 & RPM21) and one carver (Speed SX). The significant other says finit!
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I have a short SL ski (Elan HCX) and a Midfat ski (Elan Mantis 662) for when I go out West. I also have a pair of "rock skis" (Salomon AxeCleaver) for the start of the season.

I think Eastern skiers should have a shortie SL ski just for the fun of it. Too bad many get a "race model" that needs lots of input to behave.
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Originally Posted by TomB
I think Eastern skiers should have a shortie SL ski just for the fun of it. Too bad many get a "race model" that needs lots of input to behave.
Word. (that means "yes, I agree")

This year's 9S Oversize from Rossi is an excellent example. Fun, versatile, user-friendly little slalom board.

My Blizzards are certainly not user friendly at all, but the local hill is so boring that I really enjoy the challenge. Leg-beaters.
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So I now own 3 pairs of skis. Scalce loves eBay this week! So now I have all mountain, twin tips, and slalom skis. I guess I'm almost a "real" skier!
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Originally Posted by xrisi421
So I now own 3 pairs of skis. Scalce loves eBay this week! So now I have all mountain, twin tips, and slalom skis. I guess I'm almost a "real" skier!
Nah, you're still lacking a ski with a 90mm or bigger waist.
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Three in rotation. Might go on 4 or 5 this year depending on the financial situation.

Moguls: Fischer Lunar
Park: Dynastar Candides
GS: Salomon 2V

GS: debating since I found a good deal on a training/race pair
SL: something I need

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When I used to get or buy several pairs of skis each year, after the first day of skiing them all I would have one favorite by far. Feeling guilty, I would now and then ski on the other skis but always would begrudge the time spent away from my favorite pair.

But now with these newfangled skis I just ski one pair, and when that wears out I'll buy another.

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Two pair here, but I almost never use anything but my Pocket Rockets.
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My classic 1980's Thule 600 holds ~12 pairs of skis.

I fill the li'l sucker right up to the top.
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Just sold my 3rd pair a few weeks ago. Looking for a replacement for them.

1 pair teaching/do all skis.
1 pair twins for the park and teaching
1 pair crosscarver type for replacing my crossmax 10's.
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I do want to NOTE that few women are here... gee... I wonder why?

and, the women who do have several skis... men purchased the equipment for them. how much sense does that make??? "here honey, you'll like these"... ???

I live in the east and ski mostly in the east - so I have 2 pairs of skis I USE. Carvers and mid-fats (K2 Mach s and Volkl 724 EXP).

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Now, this topic comes up in the summer on the number of motorcylces to regester and insure. The only thing I can say is, " Would you ask that I golf with only one club?".

(and I do not golf!)

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I own a dozen pair. Mostly midfats and fats but, I currently ski two pair. One fat alpine (B3) and one fat tele (AK Launcher).

Life is too short for hardpack.
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Originally Posted by klkaye
and, the women who do have several skis... men purchased the equipment for them. how much sense does that make??? "here honey, you'll like these"... ???
Whoa - I bought my two current pairs of skis and my last pair of skis. And while my third pair were supposed to be a gift, (as some of you know, we had a little issue with the vendor!), I can't believe you would make such a broad generalization. Your statement sounds like you think that many women can't make an informed decision on which skis they should buy. I find this ironic as you're a woman on message board presumably here to learn more about your sport.

Maybe I'm misinterpreting your tone...???
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mmmmm. yeah. my post was tongue-in-cheek. that's why I posted the smiley face.

but based in reality, as I do know a bunch of women who have gear purchased for them by a guy - or their purchase was heavily influenced by a guy.

I love my gear as much as the next person... but, I cap my annual ski spending at about 5k - which only allows for 1 pair of skis each year or two.

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You must be buying some expensive equipment for 5K.

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