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Legend 8000/Metron B5

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I am plannning on buying a new set of skis this fall and have two good prospects, the Atomic Metron B5, and the Dynastar Legend 8000. Has anyone had any first hand experience with either of these skis in western conditions?

I am looking for a good powder/tree ski.

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Demo, demo, demo

Hi, Clayton.

I tried both this past spring. I preferred the Legend 8000 for the conditions you're describing. A friend of mine, who is a better skier than I, prefers the B5.


Demo and see what *you* think. Both should be readily available as demos at the shops this winter.

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Thanks Bob!

I do plan to try both. It's nice to have the problem of deciding WHICH great ski is just right.

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Those are really two quite different skis, the Atomic is a slightly wider version of a slalom ski, for those who like bouncing down the fall line and lightning quick edge to edge with the occasional ungroomed adventure. The Dynastar is from the ground up a truly versatile all mountain ski, happy in all turn sizes and loves soft snow, but not as quick edge to edge on groomers.

Here are a couple of sites which have reviewed them both:



It seems everyone loves the 8000s but the B5 is a love it or hate it ski. But I suppose in the end you just have to demo to find out which is for you.
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Thanks Kiwiski,

I am definitely more comncerned with off-groomed performance so probably either ski is a possibility. I just want whatever sli I choose to be enjoyable on groomed but beyond that I can live with some performance limitations. I ski at Telluride and the groomed fruns for me are secondary to exploring. It should be very imnteresting to compare these two skis. I am hoping I can arrange a back to back demo.

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