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sun valley idaho

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has anyone been there?
i have skied out in utah and colorado, killington is my home ski area. was wondering how that place was.
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It's a nice place with good steep groomers in abundance. It isn't a really large mountain and I felt it was much smaller than the published numbers suggested. There are plenty of good lifts and the lodges are EXCELLENT.

I would think you would enjoy a trip there so long as you aren't looking for boundless amounts of lift served terrain.
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We had a great trip there a couple of years ago. As mentioned above, lots of long, steep groomers. Unlike Killington, you can do lots of top-to-bottom runs that cover the full vertical of the mountain. You really get to learn how comfortable you are with speed. There's not much in the way of bowl or tree skiing, but it's lots of fun. The on-mountain services are excellent, and even though the place is crawling with the Bogner ski set, we found just about everyone to be laid back and very friendly. It was like all of the money and amenities of Vail, without any snobbery.

We actually split a week between Sun Valley and Jackson Hole, which made for a really nice combination. Something like that also allieviates the concern about the terrain being too small (though I thought it was pretty good sized) or just one style (i.e. mostly groomed). It's about a 4-5 hour drive between the two, and it is one of the more interesting pieces of the US I have ever driven across, so it was great. You could also get to Grand Targhee or Big Sky in roughly the same amount of time.
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thanks- it seems like a week would be too long there,or am i wrong
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I think it all depends on what kind of terrain you like to ski. If you like mostly groomers, then the place is tough to beat. There is also plenty of moguls, and the bowls are nicely arranged, they start off easy to the far left and get progressively harder as you move to the right. Not enough tree skiing for my liking, but I could be happy there for four or five days. You could also spend a day snowshoeing, which we did while we were there, and there is loads of cross country skiing to be had if you're into that. If you ski a lot at Killington as I do, then you can judge skiable acreage by comparing the two. Killington claims to have a little over one thousand skiable acres, while Sun Valley has about twice that. However, a lot of SV's acreage is made up of bowl skiing, so the numbers can be a little bit decieving. We found that it was a great place to visit, well worth going to. The town of Ketchem is a lot of fun without being crowded or stuffy.
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I tend to agree with the above assessments. My brother used to live in Ketcham and I skied there about 6 years ago and would love to get back. That was before getting into shaped skis - I'm sure their groomed terrain would make for fantastic carving. Ketcham is definitely a fun little town. There's a great variety of bars and restaurants to keep you busy in the evenings. I don't think you'd have any trouble finding things to do for a week.

Plus, you never know who you might run into - we had a Schwarzenegger sighting on the slopes one day! :
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