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Peeks and Oooooooooooo

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I had to take a double take! WoW! I am like WoWed!
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I don't think you all reconise my original username...

This is SnO EAGLE!!!!!!

I know... I been a bad girl for being a way for so long.
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Welcome back, no matter Hoosier call yerself.
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Yes, I see your concern. I presume this is a simple oversight and that whoever assigned the name didn't really know you that well.
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Acutally this is my origial username... BJ was my initial for Becca Jane, but too many thought people here have dirty minds!!! I was more suprised at myself for not picking up on it in the first places... cause I a BAD GIRL too! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE

SnO Eagle was the nick I was using over the username and now its gone *sniff* but its going to get fixed soon. I am only a BJ to my hubby! Tee Hee!
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