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OT: Good excercises During Pregnancy

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Sorry to be off topic, but the wife is due in Dec. and is really trying/wanting to keep active. The baby is sitting low and giving my wife some leg pains and she's not able to do a lot of walking or anything that puts strain on the legs. I wanted to throw the question out here for suggestions on what she might be able to do. Plus, are there any sites to get illustrations of excercises for the swiss ball (or whatever name you wan to call it) that she may be able to do pregnant? Thanks as always!

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Keggles, practice them now.
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Hate to be self-referential, but what the heck!
If she clicks on the video link, she can see a little bit of what I do on the stability ball. Basically, you sit, and perform hip circles.
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Originally Posted by Lars
Keggles, practice them now.
How can I forget?
Keggles can be integrated into any exercise. Lets say she's doing a bicep curl. If she's having leg cramps, she should sit on the ball.

Inhale to prepare. As she exhales, think of "hugging the baby with her stomac." She will not really be clenching the muscle, just activating it. The return movement is where people get sloppy. This is where she can practice her keggle. As she lowers the weight, she should think of the pelvic floor as a hammock. Imagine that she's drawing up the strings of the hammock. I find that my students relate to this image much better than the classic "you're going to the bathroom and a fire alarm goes off."

Kegels can be very helpful for both men and women when skiing bumps. They also have some very very obvious benefits, not be mentioned on a forum for general audiences!
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Guess I need to send in some money to AC to get the full bnefit details of Keggles

Thanks for anything and everything. And please keep the suggestions coming. We have a lot of equipment and use of a pool, so just trying to get some good ideas before or instead of spendinglots on videos, etc.
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