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Binding riser--how much is too much?

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Hi Everyone:

I just bought some Fischer SC in a 165cm with the race plate. I am wonderering which bindings you would reccommend. The guy at the shop thought a binding with a riser plate would be fun (I am not racing so I don't have to worry about FIS regs). Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Glad to see you decided to keep the 165s
I did a quick in house scan & here is what I came up with:
dynastar GS, SL 64, & SL WC w/ look p14 all 46mm ish at the toe
Rossi SG w/ pro 180 47mm
Fisher WC RC & SC with look p14 49 mm
Volkl 6star 47mm
Dinastar little big fats 36 w/ p12

In the lifter craze daze (circa 1998) I had skis with 70 mm plus lift & It was way tooo much. Last season I had a Nordica SL ski with tele bindings @ 75 ish & it was way too much.
Most of the time I am on the Fischer sl w/ look it skis great ; the only set up I would avoid is the really lifted salomons (33 mm) on your fischer (31mm). If yuo goe with Salomons, get the race version with less lift & shoot for some where around 50 mm.
this seams to work best for hard snoe skiing (those fis folks were onto something)

BTW: the little big fats at 88 mm wide do benifit from less lift & make them easy to skid in the soft snow/powder
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Thanks for the advice. I appreciate all your help and I'm feeling better about the 165cm length too.

I see you are up in the NY area. We went out to Whiteface last spring and had a blast. That is one of my favorite places to ski east or west!

Thanks again!

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Yeah white face is an expereince , the town is great too.
As for the 165 cm skis: the latest issue of ski racing showed up in the mail today, their annual race / race stock gear review. Even they mention how Fischer especially is "turning up the tails" on the ski to acheive a fis legal length with a shorter running length.
Everyone seem to be doing something similar, one tech I spoke with called it "streching the ski" When we went to replace my girlfriends SL skis for this upcoming season she went to a 155 from a 150 for just this reason
Many companies are doing this to all mtn skis too, look at the rossi bandit series: the skier thinks they are turning a big ski, when in fact the tail cuts close to 10 cm off the length...a way to get us macho folks on a more appopriate length
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